Ben's Furniture and Antiques is moving from its current location at the old Kmart shopping center on Highway 5 to The Landings at Arbor Place.

The new store at The Landings is expected to open the Fourth of July weekend with the last day at the current location being in June.

"We will be moving all through the month of June," said owner Ben Haverty. "The very last week, we will close down. The last day we will be open to the public at our current location will be June 25. Hopefully, we will open as soon as July 1. We will be open the whole month of May and pretty much the whole month of June except the last week."

Haverty explained that huge moving sales are happening with the current 250 dealers.

"We are trying to liquidate everything in the building," said Haverty. "On the new furniture, we are going to be selling off all the new furniture that is in the store. All the antique dealers are trying to shrink their inventory for the move so they are trying to sell as much as they can. They are discounting their merchandise significantly. There are some incredible bargains to take advantage of."

The deals will vary from dealer to dealer.

While the new location is much smaller in size compared to the current location, the difference is due to another big change with the store: the furniture dealers are not moving to the new location.

"The significant difference is that all the antique dealers will move from Kmart to the new location but we will not have the new furniture component there," explained Haverty. "It will be 100 percent antiques and collectibles at the new location."

With this change in store dealers, the name of the store will actually change from "Ben's Furniture and Antiques" to "Ben's Antique Market," which is what the majority of Haverty's other stores are named.

Haverty is expecting around 230 dealers in the new location, which is only a slight decrease in the current amount.

The Kmart center is expected to be redeveloped by J.R. Connolly and become a place for new retail stores, said Haverty.

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