The Juicy Crab opened last week in Douglasville next to the Highway 5 Kroger. The chain started in Duluth, Georgia and Douglasville makes the sixth location for the restaurant, with a seventh location in Smyrna coming soon.

"We're very different," Douglasville General Manager and part owner Josef Chandra said. "We are a seafood restaurant and we serve everything in a bag. We serve it to you and pretty much any way you need it. You can order as much as you want. Buy half a pound, a pound, or you can go up to 10 pounds. You can eat family style or eat how much you want for yourself."

The taste that makes the seafood restaurant unique is the secret spices that are used. The founding family's grandfather was a sailor from New Orleans who was always testing different combinations.

The experience is probably the most uncanny component of the restaurant, however. Chandra said that it's important to cater to the customer all the way to the way they're greeted when they walk through the door.

Photos of Atlanta celebrities like Dominique Wilkins, Da Brat, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil' Scrappy, Stevie J, and Emmanuel Hudson plaster the walls from their multiple visits at different Juicy Crab locations in metro Atlanta. A playlist of pop music plays softly through the speakers and every table is covered with wax paper to allow consumers to eat with the gloves and bib they're also provided with. There's a bar for adults to socialize and multiple televisions available to watch some of the top live events on.

Chandra said that first-time visitors should expect more of a "Buffalo Wild Wings with seafood" as opposed to the surrounding seafood chains in the area. Visitors can also expect affordable prices.

"We want to have those working families to come in here and be able to enjoy food," Chandra said. "To enjoy seafood without thinking, 'Oh my gosh. I'm about to spend a ton of money.' That is the reason that we thrive in any place we open, it's because we cater to all income levels, all ages and there's not any specific type of food for a certain group. Anybody could come in here and eat pretty much anything. Like I said, our prices are fair for our seafood."

Chandra said the company has received many requests to move to Douglasville from the city's residents and that even some customers drive from Alabama to eat at the previously-opened locations. Other Juicy Crab locations include Duluth, Conyers, Augusta, and Jacksonville, Florida. The Douglasville City Council unanimously approved the restaurant's alcohol license earlier this month.

"Thank-you Mr. [Outlet Manager Leo] Chen for choosing Douglasville for your new business here," Councilman Richard Segal said at the regular meeting. "We appreciate that we know you had a choice of places to put your business and you chose Douglasville. Thank you very much."

The restaurant is open from noon to 11 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday and from noon to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Douglasville's Juicy Crab is located at 3171 Highway 5, Suite B. The restaurant can be reached by phone at 678-247-6189.

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