A vacated building that once housed a custom sign company along Veteran's Memorial Highway in Winston has been given new life by a company that wants to rid the world of dumpster -- and other -- odorous smells.

Pioneer Concepts, LLC, parent company of Dumpster Cure, opened its sales, showroom and distribution center with a ribbon-cutting on Feb. 27, where the all-natural, biodegradable granules made from a by-product of Iowa-raised corn was introduced.

Representatives from the company came to west Georgia in November where they worked with the Burson Center and Georgia Tech incubator to ready their business for a successful opening in February.

The Burson Center, located in Carroll County, is a regional system offering services designed to help facilitate entrepreneurship, innovation, and business development in the west Georgia area.

Georgia Tech's Manufacturing Extension Program at the Burson Center is designed to help Georgia businesses solve technical problems in the areas of quality, process improvement, energy, environmental sustainability, and business growth by offering on-site consulting services.

"This enabled us to work locally without having to go into Atlanta to benefit from Georgia Tech's incubator," said Bob Corbey, director of sales for Pioneer Concepts, who will oversee operations at the Winston facility.

Corbey became familiar with the incubator process while in Rockville, Maryland, when he was transitioning out of the broadcast news industry during some of his last field assignments with ABC News.

Robert Wyne, owner of Pioneer Concepts, is the visionary behind the product -- an entrepreneur, inventor and restauranteur who holds multiple patents and patents pending for his numerous creative product designs.

It was through necessity that the owner/proprietor of a popular seasonal crab restaurant "On the Bay Seafood" in Ocean City, Maryland, and his wife, Rosemary Corbey Wyne, developed a product that would eliminate odors and reduce the number of flies around a dumpster.

It was because of ties with a large distributor BUNZL in Baltimore, which distributed their product to a local distributor on the eastern shore of Maryland to local restaurants and hotels, that they became knowledgeable of the community of Lithia Springs, Georgia.

And they have brought the product to the southeast -- specifically Douglas County -- where the weather is warmer and an interstate highway runs through it. Its close proximity to I-20 and other interstate hubs in the metro Atlanta area makes Douglas County a desirable distribution location for the product.

"When we closed our seasonal restaurant in early October 2017, we hit the road knowing we wanted to go south because it stays warmed and the bugs and flies stay active longer than in the mid-Atlantic region," said Corbey. "Once here, I explored the incubator at Georgia Tech and immediately knew there would be a welcoming for our low tech but innovative product, Dumpster Cure. We decided to shift toward the offerings found at Georgia Tech through its business mentoring, access to future funding and introduction to the greater business community in metro Atlanta."

The corn-based granules, which disperse a pleasing cherry scent, is designed to absorb twice its weight in liquids and robs flies out of the methane which comes out of dirty food, Corbey said.

"It doesn't kills insects, because it doesn't contain pesticides," he said, "but it robs insects of their environment."

While originally developed to eliminate odors and flies from the Wyne's Maryland seafood restaurant, the inventor has found additional applications for the product. They discovered that it works well in drain traps where roaches and flies go to breed. In addition to marketing the product to restaurants, the product has been successfully used by the healthcare industry, hotels, HOAs, and others for minimze waste-related odors that attract flies.

"We are reaching out to pest control companies to see if this is something they can implement," said Corbey.

The product took four years to come together. Corbey said the first tractor trailer load of Dumpster Cure rolled into the Winston facility from the northern manufacturer last month. He said he hopes one day they can produce the product locally.

"We're working with a by-product of Mother Nature," he said. "It's helping farmers, it's environmentally friendly and its biodegradable. It's Mother Nature's sponge."

Currently, the product comes in 14 pound bags for restaurants, hotels and healthcare facilities, but the plan is to package three and one-half pound bags for residential use.

Pioneer Concepts, LLC is located on U.S. Highway 78, just below the Mann Road/Post Road road construction, near Conners Road. Call 410-334-0569 or visit www.dumpstercure.com for additional information.

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