OF DOUGLAS COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA NOTIFICATION OF DISPOSITION OF ABANDONED PROPERTY TIM POUNDS, SHERIFF, DOUGLAS COUNTY, hereby provides notice that certain items currently in the possession of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office have been deemed abandoned property. Judicial authorization for the retention of this property will be published in the Douglas County Sentinel once a week for a period of 4 weeks and if no claim of ownership is made as to said property, Sheriff Tim Pounds, Sheriff of Douglas County is authorized to sell said property at public auction on July 28th, 2018 with Jeff Dobson and Associates at 796 Canton Road, Jasper Ga. 30143, or retain said property for official use. Said abandoned property is as follows: Said abandoned property is as follows: Electric Engraver Dremel,Pinocchio DVD,6 X-Box Live controller,Playstation 3 with 2 controllers #Cl911706749,X-Box unknown serial,Lexmark printer/scanner #41381511498,Nintendo WII #LU101308333,Playstation 3 #CE128290543 with 2 controllers and wires,Dell Laptop Latitude D410,Apple Powerbook G4 #V74012LMP22,HP Laptop missing some keys #CNF0161B3H,Dell Laptop Latitude #5XVF2Q1 , Hamlin ultra thin watch with black leather band,2 gold in color necklaces with chams, broken gold necklace, broken gold bracelet,2 gold earrings, gold wedding ring, 2silver women’s watches, pearl necklaces, 3 charms,Humminbird fishfinder 525 #9030202-1973,Western Digital CPU Tower #WMADK2058537, Dell Vostro CPU Computer Tower # GCBSCG1, E Machine Computer Tower # CRX5720004090,Black Gateway CPU #GCJ85A1006675, Sanus full motion TV wall mount 47" to 70",Black and silver CPU unknown make or model,tan and grey CPU unknown make and model, black and silver e-machine CPU unknown #,Tan CPU unknown make or model, Tan digital PC 5000 unknown #,Tan Compac Presario unknown #,Grey Dell deminsion unknown#,Compaq Presario unkown#,2 Comcast receivers unknown serial#, Yellow ring with green and clear stone,White ring with garnet stone, white ring with blue and clear stones, white ring with blue and clear stones,4 white earrings with clear stones, 5 white earrings, heart shaped white pendant, angel white with red and clear stone, white Vellaccio men’s watch, White men’s Seiko watch, Camo multi-tool, Senior Automatic can sealer with flywheel, LG multiburner Modisk #unknown, Tent in black canvass bag, D-Link Home Network Camera, Red Aspire Acer One laptop, orange Ridgid skillsaw #CS102655163,Green Ryobi sawzall #CS13521N090108 with battery and charger,Vector 400 Watt power inverter,Acer #2133330704858, Dell Inspiron silver and white laptop #M2JQYGK722QJMBK393V9, Sony VAIO white laptop #282870383034285, IBM Thinkpad laptop #Q99MY4HBV33J3X9CTK8, Hewlitt Packard Blue laptop #5CG3131PH3, Hewlitt Packard Pavillion #5CD32462FK black laptop, Apple I Pad 3 personal tablet DQTFT6DADFHW, Apple I pad mini Tablet #F4LKCDLKF193, Apple I pad DYTJ8CPHDJ8T, black toshiba satellite laptop computer #3E042514P, White apple Macbook Apple #W8828Y7B0P1, Motorola talkabout 2 way radios blue in color, Husky black tote with misc tools inside,white in color ring with clear and yellow stones, white in color pendant, white in color ring with clear stones, 12 pocket knives, Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Black case, Lenovo laptop #ABU0145624, Yamaha exhaust pipes, 4-Star motorcycle gas tanks, 2 motorcycle aluminum parts, 2 grey/blue car bucket seats, Portable air conditioner #305CYDG0G418, Silver Infiniti G35 VIN# JNKCV51E64M614456, 2 green Panther childs 4 wheeler VIN# L4PGUFD0561028180, AND L4PGUFD0961028103, Green Grizzly 660 VIN# JY4AM15Y42C00768, Polaris Scrambler 4 wheeler #4XABG50A4Y2446167, Yellow ring with missing stone,White ring with cleear stones, Yellow wedding ring, White ring with cleear stones,Yellow ring with red stone, Yellow ring, Garmin GPS serial #1VA398070, 27 pocket knives, black and decker laser level serial #991850,HP computer tower serial #MXK6210427, Consair computer tower serial #655C-B1FA-E181-8B8F,Apple Macbook Pro serial #W80252GLAGW,Blue bridgecraft electric bass guitar,black camera bag containing one black canon EOS T3 camera and one SIM card serial #142063095640,orange ION job Rocker stereo,2 silver bracelets, 1 silver ring,12 misc watches,green and orange jansport backpack containing misc. handtools,pittsburg automotive 3 ton floor jack,gray and black bag containing misc auto tools,Apple Ipod nano, black ZTE cell phone, black sony XPERIA cell phone,2 blue Motorola walkie talkies, yellow and black Stanley screwdriver,black Kyocera flip phone, white Samsung galaxy S4 cell phone,black Michael kors wallet, gold in color ray ban aviator sunglasses in black case,Suzuki 4-WHEELER #JSAAJ51AX62106985, #LWGSDSZ74FA000207, Crossman bolt action air rifle, monitor, Hitachi scroll saw, generator, torin black jack with stands,LX1504 power mixer fender brand, viore 42” LED TV,creeper stool,propane heater, craftsman chainsaw, milwuakee sheer, dewalt hammer drill, dewalt saw,Campbell hausfeld air compressor,core drill,protect gas all, dewalt drill, dewalt sawzall,homelite blower,rigid shop vac 5HP,husky air compressor,JT tactical air rifle,PSC compound bow camo in color in black case,HP all in one touch screen computer, emerson TV with stand 32”, Coby TV monitor 19”,PS3 gaming system, Central Pneumatic brad nailer,Air ACE brad nailer in gray case,throwing stars,homemade ninja star,throwing knives in case, knives, swords, Goodall Proatble gas tank with pump,Powermate generator 3000W, black and decker battery charger, prestige US coin set 1986, prestige US coin set 1987,Ruger pellet gun with scope .22cal,TG1200 generator mix gas, dewalt ski saw, black PS 4 game controller with no cord, PS4 gaming system,concrete core drill,Silver Presidential coin, Gold bracelet, silver bracelet, silver pendent with clear stones, 9 gold in color shot cups, Blue and black Invicta mens watch, Black and white Lumi-nox mens watch, Silver gold and black bretling Mens watch, Black and orange mens watch,rose colored and pink Micheal Kors woman’s watch,Sheaffer pen, 2 Prestige coin sets, One women’s Army class ring,ladies gold ring with red stones, ladies gold ring with red stone,ladies gold ring with multiple colored stones,ladies gold ring with black stone,ladies gold ring with clear stones,ladies gold ring with yellow and clear stones,ladies gold ring with blue stone,ladies gold ring with blue and clear stones,ladies gold bracelet with clear stones, class ring mens south Cobb high school, white womans ring with clear stones, Imperal Metal Inc 22 cal #92201, Highpoint 45 cal #X499943, Springfield Armory 45 cal #XS680580, Smith and Wesson 38 cal #12D4512, Interarms 9mm #1737673,AMT 22 # Z60239, Norinco SKS #1800208J, Mossberg 12 Ga. # H556928, Taurus40 cal. #SDN52286, Rossi 243 #CA063045, Smith and Wesson 38 cal #933037, Crossman BB gun #57502470, highpoint 9mm # P168018,Jemenez 25 cal #028277, H&R side kick revolver #AB19062, Intrac Arms # 680879, Ruger 40 cal.34034810,Highpoint 380 cal #P802948,Smith and Wesson #8J3068, Cobra #CT023121,Dan Wesson #189464, Glock #AYH691,Mossberg #AM008117, Ruger 270 cal. #7316414, Mossberg #AM056120, High point short rifle #B84175, Remington #RD003447, Marlin #95437247, Ruger #85546776, ROHM #36721, highpoint #471841,Smith and Wesson AZL7239, Jennings #520947,Springfield 22 cal no#, Springfield 22 cal no #, Ithaca 22 cal #256436, Taurus 9mm #tex60542, Lawman 357 mag #j99484,Davis Ind. 380 cal #ap045824, Colt 45cal #70bs18182, Taurus 9mm #tr156540, Taurus 22 cal. #22398276,Bersa 380cal. #294161, Stevens 12g no serial,Cobra 380 #CP033890,Ruger 9mm #30568874,Glock 40cal #UUK693, Grendel 380 cal #17725, Colt 45 cal #DE20290, Highpoint 9mm #P1239394, Essex 16g #A362118, Ruger LCP #371117853 380 cal, unknown make 22 cal pistol #312966, Stevens Model 12 Gauge #141927B, DPMS 223 Cal # FH156065, Marlin 9mm #04600759, Stevens Model 12gauge #136207G, Marlin 22 Rifle #12455493, Raven Arms 25 cal # 1823458, Sccy CPX-1 035832, Glock 40 cal #UEW769, Charter Arms 38 special #570192, Mossberg 12g #U651901, Smith and Wesson 9mm #HLJ3608, Davis Industries 380m # AP440878, Remington model 870 # T247141X, Harrinton and Richardson single shot #H39069,Atis Omar 12g # E8252, Keltec 9mm #79753, Winchester 12ga N758612, Taurus #07675E,Smith and Wesson 40cal. FWU7843,Taurus 9mm #TIU47223, Firestorm 40 cal #542942, Taurus .38 cal # QG11791,Glock 40 cal # GDC6619,Winchester 44cal #5627283,12 gauge single shot #630248,Colt 38 #603907,North American Arms 22mag#E261608,Rigarmi #53042,Smith and Wesson #MPY6430,Ruger #342-04905, Smith and Wesson #A786061,Beretta 9mm #Ber463996, Taurus 45cal. #NIR41045, Highpoint 380 cal. #P821451, Smith and Wesson 38 #527947, Colt 357 #11317V, Glock 40cal #FGL412, Smith and Wesson 10mm #TEV8153, Smith and Wesson 357 #AY4626,Ruger 40cal #34340700,Smith and Wesson #FXN3030,Taurus #sgx88263, Smith and Wesson #FWS6489,Ruger #31358608,Jimenez #041196,Smith and Wesson #PDN3867,Colt #142035,H&R #NZ688758, Raven Arms 1649664, Taurus #TLH71249D,Highpoint #P1716253, Keltec #JHH01, Colt Rifle #SC22992, Raven Arms #L862887 Any owner or other person claiming an interest in same shall assert a claim to said property prior to July 28th, 2018 in writing to Kenneth Conner, Chief Deputy of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, 6956 Broad Street, Douglasville, Ga. 30134. If no claim is filed, the property will be disposed of in a manner authorized by O.C.G.A. Section 17-5-54. This _____ day of May 2018 TIM POUNDS SHERIFF DOUGLAS COUNTY GEORGIA


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