A high-speed chase where law enforcement officials were pursuing a suspected shoplifter from Arbor Place Mall, ended when the SUV driven by the suspect collided with the car of a Douglas County Sheriff's Office deputy and overturned. All three lanes eastbound lanes of I-20 just east of the Burnt Hickory Road overpass were blocked for more than three hours Thursday. A medical helicopter was brought in to transport 50-year-old Quobabis Smith to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, while Deputy S. Simpson was also transported by ambulance to WellStar Douglas Hospital, according to Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack. Simpson had what were described as "minor injuries." Smith is accused of stealing several high-end purses from Dillard's. After she fled the scene, several police and Douglas County Sheriff's deputies immediately got behind her as she traveled eastbound on I-20. When deputies boxed her in, she apparently rammed the car in front of her, knocking Simpson's vehicle into the guardrail head-on. Smith's vehicle reportedly rolled several times in the wreck. (Mitch Sneed / Douglas County Sentinel)

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Statistics have proven high speed pursuits are deadly. Mostly to innocent motorists, and law enforcement officers. This mentality of gung ho cowboy is going to cost many people their lives. Sadly my friend, her husband, toddler, and unborn child were all almost killed on Timber Ridge Dr. from this same excuse, some shoplifter from Arbor Place was being chased by local officers. They hit her so hard her vehicle which was stopped, flipped completely over. All four survived, but it's just a matter of time before the next family isn't so lucky. What are these officers thinking? It's petty theft! Put more security at your high profile targets, and use intervention to avoid these scum getting into their vehicles! Risking my family, and everyone's safety is not acceptable. Not for a pair of shoes.....


Good to know that the Officer is ok. Glad I dont live in Atlanta, Fulton, Clayton or Dekalb where officers are proactive. Apparently other people, like Chris, should live there. Next time he has an emergency maybe he should handle it himself. I've lived in this county all my life and know quite a few of the deputies. Unlike Chris, they know there are bad guys out there and also know that they weren't at fault but the suspect was


Douglas county maybe should catch these shoplifters before they get to their cars and there is a chase that could kill innocent bystanders. An officer almost lost his life for purses? Really? Take her tag number and track her down later. Use good sense and judgement in relation to the level of the crime. I'm with Christopher on this one. This was not an emergency johnqpublic. Douglas county is a wonderful county to live in and I know quite a few of the deputies as well. I know if there is an emergency that they would do their job plus, but purses don't qualify in my judgement as an emergency worth this much effort.


I want to thank The Sheriff's office and The city Police for getting another crook off our streets. What some are saying i can not believe. If these people were in your house taking your stuff you would cry like a baby if they told you well it was not anything so we did not chase them. Come on the next time this person would have or could have had a gun and shot some one over some purse.
Once again thanks Douglas county and to the city of Douglasville for you actions to stop this crook.


Catch a thief, shoot a thief. Problem solved. They'll learn quick.

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