"Bringing the community together" was the goal of everyone who came out to Jessie Davis park on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Families, city council members, community leaders, and law enforcement officials came together on Saturday for the first Unity in the Community Day.

The event was hosted by The Douglas/Paulding County NAACP, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and the Douglasville Police Department, and is the first event of its kind hosted by these organizations.

Greg White, a member of the NAACP, said that the goal of the event was to bring the community and law enforcement together.

The event illustrated the collaboration that Douglas County law enforcement is striving for. As Douglasville Police Chief Gary Sparks said at his Community Trust meeting last week, "the goal is to develop relationships between the community and law enforcement. We do best when we work together."

During the event, children were able to put on gear from S.E.R.T (Sheriff's Emergency Response Team) and climb aboard the Lenco Bearcat vehicle owned by the sheriff's office.

The vehicle was purchased in 2010 in memory of fallen S.E.R.T Team member Blake Gammill, who was killed in the line of duty

see unity/page A8

in 2005. Children were able to climb behind the driver's seat and into the fully armored vehicle. A few officers posed for pictures and helped children see out of the hatch located at the top of the vehicle.

Along with the Touch-a-Truck initiative, deputies and officers also played tag and catch with some of the children at the event. Some of the children also had an opportunity to meet and play with one of furrier members of the K-9 unit team.

The event was free of charge, but attendees had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for gift bags if they liked. All proceeds from the raffle were designated to go to various community efforts that the NAACP sponsors.

Everyone had the opportunity to show off their dance moves throughout the day and teach each other how to do the "electric slide" and even the correct way to "milly rock."

According to officials from the NAACP, it is the hope of everyone involved in the planning of this event, that it become an annual event. They said they would also like to see the event grow and encouraged more people to be involved in community events.

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