Filming Resumes Next Week

The set of the McDonald's facade in downtown Douglasville, which will represent several restaurants in the Midwest at different time periods in the movie "The Founder," has been quiet since late last week. Filming is expected to resume June 25.

Laura Corley/Douglas County Sentinel

Filming of "The Founder," the biopic on McDonald’s mogul Ray Kroc, will resume next week in downtown Douglasville.

In a previous version of this story, it was reported that Assistant City Manager Marcia Hampton told the city council Monday that filming was begin again Friday, June 19.

However, Patrice Williams, community development manager for the city, said Wednesday the production crew will stick to its original schedule of filming in Douglasville June 25 and July 10.

Filming took place in Douglasville last Thursday and Friday for the movie.

“What we’ve had a lot of is a lot of folks coming taking pictures,” Hampton said. “There were a couple of people who came to city hall from Jasper, Georgia — who drove down just because they wanted pictures with their family.”

Councilman Larry Yockey asked her if she knew when the set will be taken down.

“It kind of depends on the weather and the timing of their schedule,” Hampton said. “They thought they’d be out of here before the end of July so that’s what we’re looking at. I know they have had requests from the local museum to take the arches and put them on display so we can have something as a replica here.”

In “The Founder,” Kroc is played by Michael Keaton, known for his role in “Batman” and “Batman Returns.” Keaton was spotted downtown in the parking lot beside the old Douglasville Police Department on Thursday wearing a long-sleeved navy blue shirt and sitting in a vintage car. He was recently in “Birdman” and “Need For Speed,” which was mostly filmed in Georgia last year.

The production company made final touches last Wednesday to the McDonald’s restaurant set it had been building downtown beside the Sentinel office at Church and Bowden streets since June 1.

Filming for the movie is expected to continue Friday and will also take place June 25 and July 10, at which times Church Street and Courthouse Square East and West will be closed.

In other business, the city council members adopted an ordinance that will provide pay increases for police employees assigned to designated duties. Hampton told the council during Thursday’s work session that some of the adjustments made during the Evergreen Solutions pay study caused the special duty pay to get lost in individual salaries.

According to the proposed ordinance, SWAT unit snipers and entry team officers would be paid an increase at the rate of $96 every two weeks. School Resource Officers, motorcycle officers and FIND Unit officers would be paid an increase at the rate of $58 every two weeks. Honor guard members would be paid an increase at the rate of $38 every two weeks.

Also Monday:

• Presentation by Mayor Harvey Persons of a proclamation regarding the 25th Anniversary of the Sigma Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. to representatives of Sigma Omega Omega.

• Item 22-15-22 — Approved a request for a change in zoning from R-2 (Single-Family Detached Residential District) to R-2 (Single-Family Detached Residential District) with a special land use permit for Family Personal Care Home on approximately 0.91 +/- acres at 6525 East Strickland Street in Land Lots 20, District 1, Section 5, Parcel 127.  Application was made by Joyce Viceroy.

• Item 22-15-23 — Reappointed Harry Sparks as the Post 1 member of the City of Douglasville Zoning Board for a new five-year term extending through June 1, 2020.

• Item 28-15-12 — Adopted an ordinance to enact subsection 5-13.2 of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Ordinance to provide for compensation increases for Police employee assigned to designated duties.

• Item 29-15-07 — Appointed Mayor Harvey Persons to be designated to cast the City of Douglasville’s vote at the Georgia Municipal Association’s business meeting during the June 26-30 annual conference.

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