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Laura Corley/Sentinel File Photo Movie star Michael Keaton was in town, playing the role of McDonald’s mogul Ray Kroc in the biopic “The Founder.”

The nifty 1950s McDonald’s facade on Church Street that so many locals said they wished was a real hamburger joint has been gone for about six months.

But while the set fell victim to a bulldozer, movie star Michael Keaton is coming back to Douglasville.

Keaton, who is playing McDonald’s mogul Ray Kroc in the biopic “The Founder,” will be in town on Jan. 15, according to Breezy Straton, project manager with the Development Authority of Douglas County, which oversees the county’s film commission.

Straton said Keaton will be in Douglasville for about an hour that day to get a couple of still photos for the film.

The photos are set to be taken at the site where the McDonald’s facade stood for a couple of months last summer. That site was returned to its original state as a county-owned parking lot after the facade was torn down.

Douglasville was starstruck when Keaton was in town filming at the McDonald’s facade last June and July.

Keaton was spotted downtown in the parking lot beside the old Douglasville Police Department last June wearing a long-sleeved navy blue shirt and sitting in a vintage car. Fans, including WellStar Douglas Hospital nurses Jenni Worthan and Alexis Stephens, along with Stephens’ dog, Lucy, caught up with Keaton between takes and had their picture made with him.

Keaton is known for his role in “Batman” and “Batman Returns.” Keaton was recently in “Birdman” and “Need For Speed,” which was mostly filmed in Georgia.

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