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Follow the Herring sisters on Twitter @lemonadeforlifepr and look them up on Facebook by searching “Lemonade For Life Project.”

When 8-year-old Savanna Herring told her mother she wanted to make lemonade and give the proceeds to charity, Sha Herring says she was filled with pride. When deciding which charity to donate money to, they recalled a family they had aided in the past. Child hunger was the cause they wanted to fight.

“When Savanna first came in and said she wanted to do a lemonade stand, I asked her what she wanted to buy,” Sha recalled recently. “She said she didn’t want to buy anything but wanted to give the money to help children and charity.” 

After deciding on child hunger as their cause, Sha Herring got the ball rolling by contacting Feed America, an organization she followed on Facebook. When she connected with them, they told her to go local.

So, she contacted the Atlanta Community Food Bank to find out how she could get involved and connected with the organization. She said they viewed her with skepticism because it’s rare for a child to follow through with helping a charity.

However, the food bank provided them with giveaway products and brochures so that customers would know where their money was going. The Lemonade for Life Project was born.

Savanna and her sisters, Sydney, 6, and Skye, 4, began making the homemade lemonade to raise money to fight child hunger.

The sisters have a goal of collecting $200 by the end of the summer. They hope to put a big dent in the goal Friday by selling their lemonade at the community pool and Movie on the Green in the Tributary community in Douglasville where they live. In addition to their lemonade, the girls will have giveaways from the Atlanta Community Food Bank to hand out. 

When asked what she hopes to achieve from the project, Savanna says that she wants to “help the community.”

All three sisters say that their favorite part of running the lemonade stand is making the lemonade. They all learned how to make homemade lemonade just for the cause.

The girls make freshly squeezed, homemade lemonade. They don’t use any products from a box or bottle. The girls are fully involved with the entire process and take their time to juice the lemons and add the ingredients with the help of their mother, Sha, and father, Julian Herring.

Savanna hopes that their lemonade stand will make other kids and families want to join in and raise money for charity.

The family purchases all of their ingredients and supplies from Publix on Chapel Hill, and they’re hoping the store will donate supplies.

Follow the Herring sisters on Twitter @lemonadeforlifepr and look them up on Facebook by searching “Lemonade For Life Project.”

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