Alexander named treasurer of House Democratic caucus

Kimberly Alexander


Rep. Kimberly Alexander, D-Douglasville, has been named treasurer of the Democratic caucus in the state House of Representatives.

"I wanted to run for the position so I could help the caucus out at any type of level that I need to. That's with their disclosures, that's with their finances," said Alexander, who represents District 66, which covers parts of Douglas and Paulding counties.

Alexander wears plenty of other hats in addition to her new position. She also serves as the treasurer of the women's caucus, as a board member for Morris Brown College, and as the vice chair of the House Mental Illness Committee.

"She's capable of doing the work," said Rep. Roger Bruce, D-Atlanta, who heads Douglas County's eight member state delegation.

Bruce has known Alexander for about eight years going back to when she worked with the NAACP before she was elected to the General Assembly in 2012. He said that she has his support in her future endeavors.

"I congratulate her on her achievement. I hope that she will be successful and we'll all do whatever we can to help her be successful," Bruce said.

With her win in 2012, Alexander became the first black woman to serve the district in Paulding County and the first black woman that lives in Douglas County to serve in Douglas County. She said that she's excited to go to work.

Alexander received her bachelor's degree at Morris Brown College, a Historically Black College and University located in Atlanta. In 2002, the school lost its accreditation due to its unstable financial position. Now serving as a board member for Morris Brown College, Alexander said she hopes her financial knowledge can help raise the money necessary to bring back the school's accreditation.

"I'm looking forward to utilizing the skills I have from working in corporate America. All of my background that I have as an auditor, all of my financial background. I use that as a board member and I use all of that and in this [treasurer] position in leadership," Alexander said.

With the Mental Illness Committee, Alexander said that when Gov. Nathan Deal signed off his recommendation to proceed with the commissions regarding children's mental health, she was delighted.

"Surprisingly when he came out and made that first recommendation to the commissions on the children, that was really exciting," she said.

Alexander told the Sentinel in June that through these commissions, children of Douglas County and the entire state of Georgia would be helped.

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