A man accused of robbing an auto parts store in Douglasville on Dec. 10 was arrested Tuesday in Bremen after police say he tried to rob a store there located close to the Carroll and Haralson County line.

Bremen Police Department said Friday in a press release they answered a panic call from the O’Reily’s Auto Parts store on Music Mill Road.

Police said Donte Starks, 34, was wearing a ski-mask when he forced the store’s employees into the office at gunpoint. Bremen Police Sgt. Mike Bell confronted Starks before Starks pointed a gun at Bell, according to Bremen police. After fleeing the building, Starks was confronted by two more officers outside, one from Bremen and one from Haralson County. The officers outside were able to take Starks into custody at gunpoint without incident.

“Bremen police officers did a great job of taking a dangerous felon, who was armed at the time, into custody,” Douglasville Police Maj. J.R. Davidson said. “Their great police work solved a lot of armed robbery cases and got this dangerous, out-of-state felon who was committing armed robberies, off the streets.”

Starks is also wanted in Fulton County, and the cities of Villa Rica and Tyrone for armed robbery. He is from Baltimore, according to Davidson.

On Dec. 10, Davidson said Starks robbed an O’Reily’s Auto Parts store in Douglasville. Starks is charged with one count of armed robbery, two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping in Douglas County, Davidson said.

Starks is being held in the Carroll County Jail for armed robbery and numerous counts of aggravated assault.

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