Keep Douglasville Beautiful is asking citizens to give their unwanted items a second life by participating in a free Spring Recycling Day event Saturday.

The event will be held at the First Presbyterian Church overflow parking lot on Campbellton Street from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is being sponsored by KDB and the City of Douglasville in partnership with Northwest Georgia Recycling, Aeris Services and the Douglas County Lions Club. Among the items being accepted are computers, speakers, printers, monitors, DVD players, cell phones, pagers, plasma TVs, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, game systems, appliances, air conditioners, lawnmowers, exercise equipment, metal furniture, wiring, Christmas lights, engines, batteries, household fixtures, eye glasses and hearing aids.

According to the event flier, practically anything with metal content, has a cord or uses batteries will be accepted. Tube and projection televisions will be accepted for a $1 fee for each set.

"The recycling event is to encourage environmental stewardship and let our residents know the garbage can is not the only place for unwanted, old or broken items," KDB Executive Director Chan Weeks said. "By recycling items, it not only gives the materials a second life, but you also keep lead, mercury and other harmful materials out of our landfills."

The event kicks off the City of Douglasville’s Spring Recycle Week, which is a week dedicated to promoting and encouraging recycling. It will begin Monday and last through Thursday.

"It is the week we encourage residents who are not currently recycling to start recycling and those that are, to recycle more," Weeks said.

Saturday's Spring Recycling Event will be the first KDB has hosted.

"Since 2009, we have hosted a fall recycling event in conjunction with American Recycles Day, which is November 15," Weeks said. "We partnered with Aeris Services in 2009 to hold the event and have continued to partner with them each year. Last November we expanded the event to include metal items that are handled by a new partner, Northwest Georgia Recycling, and eye glasses and hearing aids that are collected by the Douglas County Lions Club."

While there are many items that citizens can drop off Saturday, there are some that can't be accepted.

"We are unable to accept hazardous materials and items accepted in our weekly curbside recycling program that is provided at no additional fee to City of Douglasville residents," Weeks said. "The only exception to this will be 2-litter bottles we will be collecting for Anna Harrision’s greenhouse project."

Harrison is a Girl Scout who needs to collect 1,000 to 2,000 two-liter bottles to build a greenhouse that will be located at Brighten Academy in Douglasville. She is planning to start construction in June and finish by August. Citizens can follow the project's progress on her blog at

"We are really excited about what Anna is doing and working so hard to accomplish," Weeks said. "It is also going to be a wonderful educational tool for Brighten Academy where the greenhouse will be built."

Harrison approached KDB about sponsorship to help promote the project and get the materials she needs.

"She is in need of over 1,000 two-liter bottles to build the greenhouse as well as some other materials," Weeks said. "She will also need volunteers to help construct the greenhouse this summer."

She encourages everyone to give their items a second chance by bringing them to the recycling event, participating the Yard Sale Amnesty weekend that will be held April 20 through April 22 or donating them to a local shelter or organization.

"We all must do our part to keep items out of the landfill and become better environmental stewards, preserving our earth for future generations," Weeks said.

City residents who aren't currently participating in the curbside recycling program, can call the sanitation department at 770-920-3005 and request a recycle bin.

"We now offer a nice, blue 65-gallon rolling container that is available at no additional fee," Weeks said.

The city will also host a Spring Cleanup that will be held April 20 through April 22. Residents are asked to have items placed curbside by 7 a.m. on their regular garbage pickup days. Items that the sanitation department will pick up include furniture and appliances, old carpet and padding, building materials that have been stored on the property, old fencing materials, tree limbs no larger than five feet long or six inches in diameter and paint (solidified with kitty litter or similar material).

They will not pick up tires, batteries, large automobile parts, tree limbs or trunks larger than five-feet long or six-inches in diameter, paint that has not been solidified as specified or hazardous waste.

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