Kathy Sue Holloway

A Winston woman appeared in Douglas County court Monday after allegedly assaulting her husband with a stun gun.

Kathy Sue Holloway, 50, was charged with aggravated assault and obstructing a 911 call. According to the warrant Chief Magistrate Judge Susan Camp read in court, Holloway is accusing to tasing her husband 10 to 15 times on his arms, chest and stomach Saturday at Rachell Estates in Winston. She is also accused of knocking the phone out of his hand when he tried to call 911.

"The victim and the defendant are going through a divorce," Sheriff's Sgt. Jesse Hambrick said.

The victim reportedly showed up at Holloway's house to pick up their son and some belongings for their daughter.

"There was an argument that ensued and she went inside back to the house," Hambrick said.

The victim then continued to load items in the trunk of his vehicle, according to the report.

"At that time, she came behind him with a stun gun and began shocking him with it," Hambrick said.

The deputy, who later found that the stun gun was broken, assumed that it broke during the attack. After realizing the stun gun was broken, it appears Holloway began to hit the victim in the head and face with it.

"At one point, she said that she would get a rock and hit him with it," Hambrick said. "He became afraid for his life that she would kill him if she was able to actually get the rock. He said that he was going to call 911. She struggled with him (and) smacked the phone out of his hand to prevent him from calling 911. He was able to eventually get in the car and get away to the end of the driveway. He did call 911 and we responded."

Upon arrival deputies noticed a cut underneath the victim's eye and abrasions to his body that were consistent with his side of the story.

"He had several large bumps or lumps on his head that were consistent with being struck in the head with this device and he had dirt all over him as well to show that he had been at least rolling around on the ground," Hambrick said. "He had difficulty walking because he said he had received an injury to his right knee during the time of which she was tasing him. She had absolutely no marks on her at all."

Investigator Anne Rice told the judge that couple's domestic issues have been ongoing.

"He currently has a protective order against her," Rice said.

The victim reportedly told authorities Holloway attempted to buy a handgun to "take him out" and that she has tried to hire someone to kill him and make it look like a hunting accident.

"He's afraid that once she does get out, she'll retaliate against him or family members," Rice said.

Holloway claims the statements her husband made were incorrect.

"This is all like really so blown out of proportion," she said. "This man had battered me for years and I have filed charges on him when he tried to electrocute me. I reported it with the task force. He found out through his insurance (that) it would pay, if I died, $100,000. He had already set up to move to a new house."

Holloway also disputed claims that she had no injuries.

"The police said they were going to take pictures of my injuries and my bruises on me," she said. "For them to say that I wasn't scuffed up or hurt and my head beat, I was. They saw it here at the police station and they said they were going to send somebody to photograph it, which never happened… All of these allegations are things my husband has come up with."

Camp denied bond, saying Holloway was a danger to the victim.

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Winston women are tough. The man must be from New York City.[wink][beam]



He must've done somethin' baaaaaaaaad.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

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