Timothy Lowe

Timothy Lowe

A man appearing in court Monday with what may be a record number of total arrests picked up a slew of charges over the weekend.

Timothy Jerry Lowe, 53, appeared in Douglas County Magistrate Court Monday morning charged with possession of a Schedule II substance, obstruction, shoplifting, reckless driving, fleeing/eluding, driving on a suspended license and DUI. According to police, it all stemmed from his actions on Nov. 23.

Douglas County Magistrate Court Judge Susan Camp read the case aloud, which held that Lowe stole a coat and fur hat from Bealls on Fairburn Road, sped onto I-20, drove past the speed limit and switched lanes multiple times, resisted arrest and flat-out disregarded all orders of the arresting officers, all while under the influence of crack cocaine.

“Officers had to force him to stop,” said Christine Stewart, with the Douglasville Police Department. “He refused to get out of the car and was fighting and holding his hands together, causing a lot of problems. When they got him out of the car they had to physically lift him up and put him in the car because he wouldn’t comply with any orders.”

The crack was found in the vehicle as part of the impounding process, and Lowe was charged with DUI following a blood test that police said revealed he had the drug in his system.

Also alarming to Camp was the sheer thickness of Lowe’s criminal record. The Hapeville man’s state criminal history includes 19 aliases and 12 stints in state prison, beginning in 1982.

His prior sentences come from Fulton, Spalding, Clayton ,Cobb and Douglas counties for crimes ranging from shoplifting, forgery, drug possession, fleeing, eluding police and battery. Records show he served three years of a six-year sentence on a Douglas County conviction for theft by shoplifting in 1994.

Since March 25, 1982, records show that Lowe has been in state prison for a total of 17 years and two months. That total doesn’t county any time spent in county or city jails.

“Just glance here, it looks like you’ve been arrested 68 times,” she said. “That might be a record here, I’m not sure. It’s pretty close to a record number of arrests.”

The District Attorney’s office requested no bond, and Camp agreed saying Lowe is a danger to the community and likely to commit a felony.

“When you drive like that, like a maniac down the road, you could have accidentally killed somebody,” Camp said. “That’s what’s so bad.”

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Just a citizen

What ever happened to the "Third Strike" law?


Please! Put this guy away for good, where he can't hurt any law abiding citizens. I think it's the courts fault for not doing this before.


Nice job DPD.

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