Travis Lee Price

A Douglasville man appeared in Douglas County court Monday after allegedly assaulting a man and woman with a vase.

Travis Lee Price, 34, of Douglasville was charged with two counts of aggravated battery, criminal trespass and first-degree criminal damage to property. Chief Magistrate Judge Susan Camp denied Price's bond. According to the warrant, Price dropped a ceramic pot on the foot of a woman he had been living with Saturday at a residence on Abercorn Way in Douglasville.

He is also accused of throwing a large ceramic pot at a neighbor's face, injuring his nose.

"We were called by his neighbor who apparently is having issues with him," Sheriff's Sgt. Jesse Hambrick said.

The woman he had been staying with reportedly told deputies she locked Price out after he began acting irrational. He then went to the neighbor's house where he began smashing pots. At one point he apparently straddled a small tree and began riding it "like a kid's ride," according to Hambrick.

When the neighbor went outside to confront him, Price smashed the pot close to the victim's face, causing a cut alongside his head. 

"The lady that he's staying with had come over to try to get him to stop and he smashed one of these pots onto her foot," Hambrick said.

Authorities believe the victim broke her foot, but they haven't received the medical records back yet.

"The neighbor then retreated into the house and, luckily for this defendant, retrieved a shovel and not some other form of self defense," Hambrick said.

The neighbor reportedly chased after Price and held him at bay until deputies arrived. Hambrick told the judge Price's behavior may have been linked to the use of synthetic marijuana.

Price admitted that he was intoxicated from drinking vodka.

"I had not been taking my medicine because of a chemical balance," he said. "I hadn't been taking it for about two months. It just been making me sick and then I flipped out. I don't know. I can't remember nothing. I might have had some synthetic marijuana."

Price also admitted that he had the drug at the home he was staying in. He told the judge he got it at Elite Adult on Douglas Boulevard in Douglasville. The business had been part of a county-wide sweep on synthetic marijuana.

Also taken down in the sweep were Marley's Emporium and Hell Yeah Novelties, both on Thornton Road in Lithia Springs. Camp denied bond on Aug. 30 for Elite Adult owner Ricky B. Awtrey, 53, who allegedly had a packaging operation for synthetic marijuana set up in his Arbor Station home at 9703 Squirrel Wood Run in addition to having the items on sale at his store.

As far as the assault charge, Price claims he was trying to defend himself.

"I was trying to leave the house, not go in the house," he said.

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