Dewey Calhoun Green, who is accused of killing a Douglasville woman on Highway 5 Wednesday afternoon, showed very little emotion during his initial court appearance Friday.

Green, 23, of Birmingham, Ala., muttered “Yes sir” three times when asked questions by Douglas County Superior Court Judge Robert James but said nothing else. He kept a straight face as he listened to the charges against him.

James declined to set bond for Green at the end of a hearing that lasted all of three minutes.

Green is charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in the death of Janice Pitts, 53, of Douglasville.

Acting District Attorney Brian Fortner laid out the charges against Green for James at the start of Friday's hearing. Fortner said Pitts was driving on Highway 5 with her daughter and grandchild in a red Lincoln Navigator when Green came up behind them driving a black Chevy Silverado.

“She was attempting to turn left onto Douglas Boulevard when the defendant came up behind her, rammed her car multiple times, and knocked her into an adjacent lane,” Fortner said. “At that point, she and her daughter got out of the car to find out what was going on and the defendant then basically pinned her against her own vehicle as the daughter screamed and tried to get help, tried to get him to stop. He then backed up, she fell, he pulled forward and drove over her before losing control of his vehicle and coming to a stop at which point some bystanders turned his vehicle off and took his keys.”

After Fortner was done, James asked the defendant if he was Dewey Calhoun Green, if he understood the charges against him and if he understood he had a right to a trial by jury if he is indicted.

“Yes sir” was the response Green gave to all three questions.

Green entered James’ courtroom at around 1:30 pm. Friday wearing a tan prison jumpsuit with handcuffs around his wrists, which hung by his waist. He was accompanied by Douglas County Public Defender Monica Myles.

Myles told James that Green has indicated his family may be trying to obtain lawyer for him. But Myles said her office would continue to represent Green in the meantime.

James told Green he could ask for a preliminary hearing in Magistrate Court or the case could could go to a Grand Jury.

Fortner said the next Grand Jury would be July 25.

James asked Fortner if he anticipated an indictment from the Grand Jury.

“It is very likely,” said Fortner.

Several members of Pitts’ family were present for Friday’s hearing. A younger woman visibly weeped as she sat down in the front row of seats in James’ courtroom.

After the hearing, Fortner whisked the family away to his office.

“They are a good family who are suffering to understand why they lost Janice,” Fortner said. “They wanted me to convey how thankful they are for the good citizens of Douglas County who stepped up to help out at the scene. People were helping deal with the defendant and take care of Janice. They are very thankful.” 

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