A man already in jail for violation of probation and driving under the influence is now facing multiple felony charges after what was described as an attack on a jailer at the Douglas County Jail Wednesday.

Gabriel Vashone Knight, 36, of Powder Springs was charged with riot in a penal institution, battery and willful obstruction, but could see those charges upgraded to aggravated assault, Inv. Shay Brooks said in Douglas County Magistrate Court on Thursday.

According to the arrest warrant and testimony by Brooks before Judge Barbara Caldwell in a bond hearing, Knight kicked off his shoes and took a fighting stance after the officer tried to remove him from the area after a verbal altercation between inmates.

“At about 7 p.m., a call came in that an officer was involved in an altercation with an inmate,” Brooks said. “When help arrived, they found inmate Knight actively engaged in an altercation with (the victim). The incident was captured on video and it shows that he took a fighting stance, kicked off his shoes and started hitting (the victim). It shows him slamming (the victim’s) head into one of the walls.”

Knight said he did struggle with the deputy, but said it was after inmates had made remarks to him and he was upset because he was being locked down when he “hadn’t done nothing wrong.”

“He came up to me and I told him I didn’t do anything,” Knight said. “Cameras will show that.”

Knight claimed he was only defending himself.

“I was defending myself because he grabbed me,” Knight said. “Yeah, we tussled, but that was it because I didn’t do anything. Look, if I wanted to do bodily harm, I could. All I was trying to do is get separation from him. He may have hit his head on the wall and that, but it wasn’t my fault.”

Caldwell denied bond and suggested that Knight find an attorney.

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