Jessie Davis Park is hosting the first-ever Winter Craft event indoors this Saturday, Feb. 10.

There are about 20 vendors so far who are going to display and sell the arts and crafts for Douglasville families to enjoy.

Some of the items available include Tupperware, children's books, popcorn, beaded jewelry, and front-door wreaths.

"I thought it was very important for our parks staff to have more craft shows in general," Recreation Program Director Kendrick Davis said. "We have a lot of vendors that are in Douglasville and Douglas County that are looking for additional opportunities to vend instead of just coming out on Wednesday Wind Down or different events downtown, which we do a great job with those events, but we can always add on elements and different events in places that we haven't had them in many years."

Winter is usually a season of downtime for a lot of parks departments and this event is an effort for Douglasville to keep the community engaged year-round. Indoor movie days are also possibilities for future winter parks and recreation events, according to Davis.

The goal of parks and recreation employees are to make sure entire families have something to do together, according to Davis. Getting the entire family to attend an event together is also the opportunities events like these bring.

"If there's an arts and crafts show, there can be something for anybody in the family," Davis said. "Even the dad that may only be interested in sports, maybe he can find a cornhole board at an arts and crafts show. We have so many vendors that are out here. They're making and selling all types of products so you never know what you're going to find there, but you understand that there's a reason to have them. Also, to come out here and enjoy a morning with your family -- that's priceless."

The event will go on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Jessie Davis Hawthorne Center.

Vendor spaces are still available for Saturday morning's show. The vendor fee is $25. All interested are advised to contact Davis at 678-449-3166 or by Friday to reserve a spot.

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