Two of Douglas County's elementary schools put the spotlight on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) on Friday.

In its fifth year of having a STEM Day, Mason Creek Elementary School had 20 presenters at the school, exposing students to many concepts, people and even careers they may never have experienced before.

Bill Arp Elementary has been holding its STEAM Day — which also includes Arts — for four years. A total of 35 presenters this year talked about STEAM areas in their careers and demonstrating engaging activities for students to participate and observe.

Presenters ranged from a beekeeper, who taught the students about the different roles honeybees play as pollinators and as different productive workers in the hive. The beekeeper, Nathan Jackson, used props to interactively demonstrate to the students the different types of bees from the queen on down to the drone.

Law enforcement's use of technology was demonstrated by members of the Douglasville Police Department, where Major J.R. Davidson and Capt. Adam Cannon showed students about new features in police vehicles and how robotics helps with their police work.

Students heard from Seth Parmer, the golf professional at Mirror Lake Golf Club, where they learned that golf is not just a recreational sport — it requires a lot of science and math to make the ball land where you want it to.

The Mason Creek Elementary students learned about simple machines and "mechanical advantage," which assists members of Georgia Search and Rescue conduct rescue operations. They brought with them such items as carabiners, rope grabs and pulleys, and allowed students to help demonstrate methods through a tug-of-war style activity.

Crime Scene Investigations (CSI), firefighting, geology, drones, robotics, the study of gases — ballons were involved — and the popular ooey gooey Oobleck made with cornstarch and water was a big, albeit messy hit at Bill Arp.

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