The Blu Rose Art Bistro is one of the newest additions to downtown Douglasville. The creative space allows patrons to eat, drink, observe and participate in the arts offered in the new facility.

"This is really my husband's and my business that we wanted to put in downtown Douglasville to give people something different to do," co-owner Michelle Jones said.

The Blu Rose Art Bistro is different by genuinely concentrating on the three areas of wine, food and art. In its first couple of weeks during of its soft opening, sculpture and pottery classes have already sold out.

Customers like Shannon Belletti, Gail Moore and Tamara Manny appeared to enjoy the taste of their lunches as they share great conversation. There's a couch for those that are focused more on business meetings than dining and there's enough space on the right side of the restaurant to view the art of some of the communities' everyday workers.

Jones and her husband and co-owner, Nathaniel Jones, first ran Cafe Soul in Miami, before moving up to Douglasville three years ago.

"I just think downtown Douglasville is such an amazing little mecca that is just waiting to explode," Michelle Jones said. "We have amazing restaurants that are already here with Gumbeaux's, Gabe's, Vine and now here, so people have a great selection for their palate. There are definitely things to eat. I think what we have to push for now, especially in a business or cultural corridor on Main Street is that you have to have a little bit of music."

The creativity to combine three ideas into one was possible because Michelle Jones has carried an entrepreneurial mindset throughout her life. She currently runs a marketing company on the side where she works with a lot of major brands like the NBA and Bacardi. She still moves back-and-forth to Miami to work with some of the clients from the second company frequently.

"Well I think entrepreneurship is the way to the future," Jones said. "When you look at the really successful people, they're the ones that really think outside of the box. They're creating their own futures. For me, I've always been an entrepreneur; I've never been a person that settled for the status quo. I really wanted to create an environment here where artists entrepreneurs will have a place and space to expose their works, which I think is important, but not just to expose it but to sell it."

Two of the signature menu items come from Jones' mother, Yvonne Lowe, which is the blueberry lemonade and the blueberry cobbler.

Currently, Blu Rose Art Bistro is only open until 3 p.m. for lunch, but Jones said a dinner menu and wines will debut towards the end of October or beginning of November. A free pumpkin carving, a Witches Brew beer tasting, and a superheroes costume party for adults raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness will are some of the upcoming events that the bistro is hosting in the weeks of October.

For more information, the bistro can be contacted at or 678-909-2133. Blue Rose Art Bistro is located at 6774 West Broad Street.

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