Brick campaign returns to Hunter Park

Rashad Milligan/Douglas County Sentinel Douglasville Recreational Program Coordinator Kendrick Davis gives information about this year's brick campaign for Hunter Park. Anyone can buy a brick that will be on display near the airplane memorializing the park's namesake, Robert G. Hunter, Douglas County's first casualty in the Vietnam War. The cost of each brick is $20.

The Hunter Park brick campaign returns this year for those who wish to honor the heroes who have served this country. The campaign has gone on for multiple years now since the opening of the park's veterans memorial in 1998.

The memorial is a replica of the F105-D Thunderchief that Lt. Robert G. Hunter flew in the Vietnam War. The park and the memorial were named after Hunter, who was the first casualty in the Vietnam War from Douglas County.

There is a host of bricks under the plane replica and anyone can pay $20 to have a name engraved on one.

"We're generally running that brick campaign twice a year," Recreational Program Coordinator Kendrick Davis said. "For the first part of the year, we're likey to have those bricks back in by Independence Day so a family can get together and come out to the park and see a family member's brick that they memorialized or they may come out to see a brick for a child, when it was just born, so they may come out to see the brick. We do the second campaign in the fall. We'd like those bricks to be back by Veterans Day."

This past Veterans Day, Hunter Park and Keep Douglasville Beautiful unveiled the new Military Honor Garden around the airplane for all of the fallen veterans.

"There are so many great individuals that have been a part of the armed forces that are from Douglas County in general," Davis said. "In Douglas County, we do quite a lot of great things in terms of paying attention to a lot of the veterans around here. We have a lighted Veterans Day parade, which is something rare that's not done in most places around the country and it's done here in Douglasville. We also have other great events around the community where we memorialize the veterans and make sure that we remember them. The ones who lost their lives in the wars in the past and the ones who are serving now. We always offer opportunities for them to be a part of anything we have going on in the city of Douglasville or in general. We definitely appreciate their service."

Contact Davis at 678-449-3166 or for more information about purchasing a brick.

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