Douglasville is on the verge of seeing a handful of new businesses opening in the upcoming months.

Panera Bread, which is going in the former Joe’s Crab Shack on Chapel Hill Road, is expected to open this fall, according to Douglasville City Building Official Mike Mettler.

Workers continue to retrofit the building to add a drive-through and other features.

The city council approved the development plans for Panera Bread the week of March 15, seven months after Joe’s Crab Shack closed in September 2016. The restaurant’s site plan is expected to be 5,000 square-feet, according to former Douglasville Community and Development Services Director Jonathan Lynn.

Burlington Coat Factory

The arrival of a Burlington Coat Factory is imminent within the city. According to Mettler, the store will be located on Highway 5 as the main store in the Arbor Square Shopping Center. The store will take up a portion of the old K-Mart in the center. Mettler said he has not seen the design yet.

“The owners are revamping the store layouts. The tile store's going all the way down to the far right hand of where K-Mart used to be,” he said.

Farmers Home Furniture

The home decor establishment is currently undergoing renovations in the city. Farmers Home Furniture is remodeling a store next to Goodwill on Fairburn Road, which is down the street from its current 6121 Fairburn Rd. location.

Store credit manager Cyndy Chandler said the main reason for the store’s move is due to the new location having more space and lower rent.

“They’re giving us a quote time of some time mid next month,” Chandler said as to when the transition is expected to be done. “But it’s not a set in stone date.”


The gas station is a go to be constructed at the intersection of Fairburn Road and Lee Road. Mettler said that the development plans have been approved.


Although there won’t be any new Target stores coming to Douglasville anytime soon, there might be a new addition to the store that already exists. The Target on Chapel Hill Road has applied with the city for an alcoholic beverages license for retail package sales of wine and malt beverages. Public hearings on the request are scheduled to be held during the Aug. 17 and Aug. 21 City Council meetings with the council expected to vote at the Aug. 21 meeting.

Twisted Pickle Tavern

Twisted Pickle Tavern, which will be located at 2123 Fairburn Rd., expects to open full operations July 31. According to tavern owner Beverly Clements, a soft opening of the bar is planned the week before from July 24-29. The operating hours during the soft opening are 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Alcohol won't be sold during the soft opening, with the focus being on lunch. The venue is only accessible to people 18 years or older.

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