Clark sentenced to life in prison for 2015 murder

Shawn Clark

A Douglas County jury reached a verdict and convicted Shawn Clark of malice murder and aggravated assault Tuesday for the 2015 killing of 28-year-old Antonio Ellison, the ex-boyfriend of Clark’s current girlfriend.

Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Deah Warren prosecuted the case. Clark was sentenced to life in prison by Chief Superior Court Judge David T. Emerson.

According to the Douglas County District Attorney's Office and evidence presented at trial:

aOn Nov. 14, 2015, the defendant, Shawn Clark, was dating Kira McClure who had previously been in a relationship with the victim Antonio Ellison. McClure and Ellison had children together.

On that afternoon, Clark drove with McClure over to Ellison’s home and almost immediately became involved in a confrontation with the victim. A minor physical altercation occurred involving Clark being slapped, at which point the defendant retrieved a handgun, and shot the victim three times, including once in the back of the head.

Clark claimed self-defense at trial, but a post-arrest interview showed the situation did not justify the use of deadly force and that Clark escalated the situation beyond what was reasonable given the minor altercation that had occurred.

Warren said after trial that the DA’s Office was, “Pleased to achieve justice for Mr. Ellison’s family. The jury was able to see that though the Defendant and the Mr. Ellison were engaged in a minor altercation, the Defendant’s decision to repeatedly shoot the Defendant was unnecessary and criminal. Though the verdict cannot bring Antonio Ellison back, I pray this verdict brings the family some degree of peace and closure.”

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