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Rashad Milligan/Douglas County Sentinel A 330,000-square-foot building planned for Phase III of the Bright Star Logistics Center will be south of Wood Road, which was relocated near the Bright Star Road instersection to accommodate the plans.

Construction of a 330,000-square-foot building in Phase III of the Bright Star Logistics Center got the OK from the Douglasville City Council at Monday's meeting. After weeks of approving the accommodating ordinances, the council approved the development plan for Phase III on Monday night in a 4-2 vote. Councilmen Terry Miller and Mike Miller were the two votes against Phase III.

“Once again this is an item that has come in several phases,” Mike Miller said. “The applicant has admitted potentially 500 trucks a day being on the roads down on Highway 5 and percentages of trucks going in different directions. I think it’s something that is not beneficial to the area there. I just hope that for future applications we hopefully identify potential problems and traffic issues."

Mayor Rochelle Robinson said that she understands the concerns about increased traffic in the area. Robinson said the trucks are going to have scheduled delivery times at the site. After the meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Segal said approving development plans in other cities are usually routine and are handled by the staff and not the city council.

“Unless the plan has a building code or zoning code violation, there really is no basis to reject it,” Segal said.

Phase III is now going to be built as a 330,000-square-foot speculative building that could lease ideally to four industrial businesses and e-commerce companies, according to Industrial Agency Managing Director Pat Murphy. The building is going to be just south of Wood Road, which was shifted slight near the intersection with Bright Star Road to accommodate Phase III.

“Douglasville is a very pro-business community,” Murphy previously said to the Sentinel. “We think that a company would be very attracted to the city of Douglasville and how they welcome business. The building itself is going to be state of the art, so anybody who wants an efficient building located very close to the interstate, this is a great opportunity for them.”

Terry Miller said at a city council meeting in January that he shares Mike Miller’s concerns about traffic.

“Every morning, I take my son to school on that road and just over the last year it’s been getting progressively worse,” Terry Miller said. “The city police department has been cracking down on people who are ‘parked in the box’ as they call it. With that Bright Star Interchange, I’m not looking forward to seeing tractor trailers parked in the box.”

The overall Bright Star Logistics Center is projected to have more than 570,000-square-feet of industrial buildings.

Phase I of the center’s construction is within a couple of months of being completed, Ordner Construction Superintendent Buddy Cornelius previously told the Sentinel. That building’s phase, north of the Wood Road, is going to be a distribution center for Andersen Windows and Doors. Andersen is the largest window and door manufacturer in North America and employs more than 11,000 people in North America. Planning is underway for Phase II, which is expected to be completed in a couple of years, according to Segal. One phase is focused on distribution and the other phase is focused on manufacturing.

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