Councilman over '2017-18 travel budget by $2K

Sam Davis

A Douglasville city councilman is over his travel budget by more than $2,000 with four months remaining in Fiscal Year 2017-18.

Ward 3, Post 2 Councilman Sam Davis has exceeded his $7,000 travel and training budget for the fiscal year by $2,293. At Thursday’s committee meeting.

Ward 1 Councilman Terry Miller said he doesn't plan on attending this year’s Georgia Municipal Association Annual Convention in Savannah and that he was willing to sacrifice some of his budgeted funds towards Davis’ debt. Other council members said they were open to giving some of their funds to keep every official under budget as well.

Davis, the Education and Training Committee Chairman, said the overspending came from his desire to learn and improve as an elected official.

“I believe in all of our people going to training and I just ran out going to training and conferences,” Davis said after Thursday night’s meeting. “You have to learn. I encourage all of the elected officials, some choose to go and some don’t, but if you want to be a good student, you must go and be educated … right now I’m short, but I’m sure my colleagues will help me.”

In addition to each of the seven Douglasville council members being budgeted for $7,000 a year for traveling and training purposes, Mayor Rochelle Robinson is budgeted for $18,000 each fiscal year. Robinson is well under her budget.

By comparison, in the city of Villa Rica, both the five city council members and mayor are budgeted $3,500 each for travel and training. In the city of Woodstock, the six council members and the mayor are budgeted for $5,571.42 each for travel and training.

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