Curb, gutter on deck for Dallas Highway

Rashad Milligan/Douglas County Sentinel

Douglasville Ward 3 Council members Sam Davis and LaShun Burr Danley point to the sidewalks on Dallas Highway. Douglasville Planning Director Michelle Wright has suggested alternative ways for adding curb and gutter back into the road's renovation plans.

The city of Douglasville is on the verge of bringing back plans to renovate the curb and gutter on the west side of Dallas Highway from Strickland Street to Brown Road.

Ward 3, Post 1 Councilwoman LaShun Burr Danley requested to place an item to select the company that will survey and design the plan on the agenda for Tuesday night’s voting meeting. The two company options are Hughes Ray Engineering of Douglasville for $35,000 and Whitley Engineering of Hampton for $15,000. Without a complete plan, the Water and Sewer Authority won’t work with the city in the area.

“The Lighting and Banners project was originally designed as a sidewalk with curb and gutter,” Douglasville Planning Director Michelle Wright said. “However, during preliminary engineering review, it became apparent that the cost of curb and gutter and associated drainage system would cost approximately $100,000.”

Another stormwater management system with an estimated cost of $80,000 in construction would be needed to include curb and gutter. The city originally decided to cut curb and gutter out of the renovation plans. Recently, however, the city has come up with two alternatives for the curb and drainage.

The first alternative is the one that Wright recommends, which is a 30-inch curb and gutter with a cut through for drainage and special design flumes for a total of $92,465.77. The second alternative is a six-inch header curb with a cut through for the drainage and special design flumes for a total of $72,835.52.

“If you would like to put the curb and gutter back into this project, I believe that alternative one is the best alternative for doing this project,” Wright said. “It might be a little more costly, but it does look like a better alternative to the sidewalk and going back to the curb and gutter.”

During the rainfall on Friday, there were puddles scattered around the parking lots of the businesses on the proposed side for curb and gutter on Dallas Highway. On days where the rain is extremely heavy, some of the buildings even flood, according to Danley. Some of the businesses on that side of the road include Ward 3, Post 2 Councilman Sam Davis’ barbershop and the Social 92 Event Hall, which had its owner Earl White at Thursday night’s council meeting.

“I thank the city council, Ms. Wright, and the DOT for the sidewalk that’s being put in the Highway 92 area,” White said. “The people in that area appreciate the sidewalk, but there are a few other items that I would hope that and encourage the council look into and possibly enhance. We have, more or less, an infrastructure problem. Not only do we need the sidewalks, but we need the infrastructure looked at because heavy rains just flood our parking lots and yards, so we’d like that to be looked at as well.”

Homer Danley, who owns a property on Dallas Highway, asked the council to make sure whatever plan they decide to go with being up to quality. Danley was the first black city council member in Douglasville’s history.

“If you would have the city or somebody from the city to look at the first sidewalk project that was put in the area,” Homer Danley said. “The quality of the job and the work that was done was not up to par and as we get new sidewalks, I just want to ensure that they do a better job. Sidewalks without curb and gutter just create another issue, because now when that water does not go into the ground it only causes more erosion.”

City Manager Marcia Hampton told Councilwoman LaShun Burr Danley that she might have to wait until Tuesday night to see if the item could be added. The item was not on the agenda as of Friday evening.

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