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Mark Wayne Munn

Authorities are investigating two murders within the last week at Birch Landing Apartments in Austell inside Douglas County's borders.

A man made his initial court appearance before Chief Superior Court Judge David T. Emerson on Monday after allegedly murdering a man Saturday.

Mark Munn, 35, of Austell, shot Kalliber Chambers, 23 and of Lithia Springs, four times last Saturday, March 3, at 5:20 p.m., according to Chief Assistant District Attorney Ryan Leonard. Chambers died shortly after suffering the gunshot wounds at Birch Landing Apartments in Austell. The two apparently knew one another from being around the same apartment complex, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Munn allegedly left the neighborhood with his girlfriend's car and while driving back into the apartment complex, Chambers told him to respect the other residents and slow down. An argument followed Chambers’ request and it ended in the shooting, according to Leonard.

Munn left the neighborhood in the car after shooting Chambers and witnesses provided Douglas County deputies a description of the car, including Munn's license plate. Authorities put a lookout for Munn. A Cobb County officer stopped Munn, and he was detained by Douglas County investigators, according to the sheriff's office.

"My nephew was a person who loved his family and his child," said Jovan Chambers, Kalliber Chambers' aunt. "He made sure that you were OK and that no one was picking on you. My nephew was a great person and he didn't deserve what happened to him."

Munn has a history of violating parole, Leonard told the judge.

“Based on his criminal history, based on the fact he left the scene … I’d ask that he’d be denied bond,” Leonard said.

Munn was charged with one count of murder. Emerson denied Munn’s bond at Monday's hearing.

Earlier in the week, on Feb. 28 at around 2:31 a.m., Douglas County deputies found a man's body in the apartment complex after receiving a call of suspicious activity in the area. No arrests have been made, but the case is being investigated as a homicide, according to Douglas County Sheriff's Sgt. Jesse Hambrick.

The name of all potential suspects and the victim haven't been released to the media during the investigation of the Feb. 28 discovery.

"There is nothing more that we are releasing," Hambrick said.

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