The Douglas County Sheriff's Office posted a warning to Douglas County citizens on Facebook Wednesday afternoon about a rash of recent car break-ins.

According to Chief Deputy Kenneth Conner, Douglas County has seen 134 cases of entering automobiles since April 18.

"What we were noticing was that a majority of them, people were leaving their doors unlocked," said Conner. "(The post) was a public service announcement to let folks know to hide your valuables and make sure your doors are locked."

The number of entering automobiles has actually gone down from this time last year when Connor said there were 254.

"The numbers are lower than they were last year but we are trying to be proactive and let folks know to lock their car doors," said Conner. "We could probably curb a good many of these by doing that."

The sheriff's office took the post down early Thursday morning because the picture attached to the post depicted a car's window being broken in, Conner said.

"That initial post apparently wasn't perceived how we intended it to be interpreted," said Conner. "When I saw the post, they had put a picture of a broken window and that was not from any case. I didn't authorize that to be put on there. I said to take the whole post down.

"A lot of people have a misconception that they will bust out the window and it is easier to leave the door unlocked," continued Conner. "That is not what we are seeing. We are seeing that they are going around and pulling door handles. That is what the post was intended to be. (The post) was sending the wrong message. It wasn't what it was intended for."

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