Douglas County deputies seized 60 pounds of illegal narcotics valued at approximately $300,000 after stopping a U-Haul truck in Villa Rica on Wednesday, Sgt. Jesse Hambrick said.

Montana Gaunt, 29, of Villa Rica, was arrested after the U-Haul from the initial traffic stop was searched and 50 1-pound bags of high-grade marijuana were found in the truck. The marijuana came from California, according to Hambrick.

After the arrest, deputies from the Special Investigations Division (SID) were able to secure a search warrant on a residence on Timmons Circle in Villa Rica believed to be used as a location to distribute the illegal narcotics.

During the search warrant, an additional 10 pounds of high-grade marijuana, THC “Wax” and “Butter,” a trafficking amount of cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms, a stolen handgun, and an amount of undisclosed amount of cash were found. Zachary Buchannan, 23, of Villa Rica, and Aleah Campbell, 18, of Villa Rica, were both arrested at the residence.

Hambrick said the high THC levels concern him because they can lead to addiction and psychotic behavior.

“This isn’t your grandfather’s marijuana,” Hambrick said. “This is the new age. This is something that needs attention and a lot of times kids don’t realize that this is not something that is just grown and it’s not addictive. It is addictive. It is a problem and that’s how we’re going to address it.”

This incident marks the second major drug bust in the county in the last two weeks. On Jan. 24, Douglas County deputies seized 4,500 street-level doses of meth valued at $100,000 during a traffic stop in Douglasville. Overall, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office seized approximately 2.6 pounds of meth along with other drugs and drug-related objects and made three arrests, according to Hambrick.

“The sheriff spent a good bit of time of focusing on community and kids the first year and we’re going to continue that,” Hambrick said. “We’ve started some great programs that were about giving back to the community. We’re now moving into the continued part of what we want to do for our community, which is aggressive enforcement of illegal narcotic sales. So we’re going to continue doing this, our Special Investigations Division, our Crime Suppression Unit, our H.E.A.T. Unit, all of those guys are out there looking for crime and they’re going to continue doing that and they’re going to do it aggressively.”

Gaunt was charged with trafficking marijuana. Buchannan and Campbell were both charged with trafficking cocaine, trafficking marijuana, two counts of possession of a Schedule I substance, possession of a firearm during a crime, theft by receiving a stolen firearm, and possession of drug-related objects. All three suspects were denied bond in Magistrate Court on Thursday.

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