Editor's Note: Our Sunday restaurant feature "Dining in Douglas" this week spotlights Farmer’s Table Café, which opened in 2016 inside the Farmer's Table Market on Highway 5.



Don’t be fooled; you are at the right place.

While the outside and initial entrance to the Farmer’s Table resembles a white warehouse that features a store and grocery combined, the Farmer’s Table Café is located in the far right side of the business. Huge wooden letters on the wall spell out “CAFÉ,” making sure you know where to go.

That’s only the beginning of the county chic café, too. Soft music plays overhead while an assortment of wooden tables and chairs offer around 30 customers comfortable places to lounge. Each table is topped with a white vase with flowers. Outdoor seating is also available to sit another 20 guests.

Surrounding the café are pictures and signs for sale as well as food items that are actually used in the menu.

Giant chalkboards list the various food options. An open display case features the numerous dessert items.

The new expansion, and therefore café, happened last April while the store itself has been around since 2011.

“We were very crowded and out of space,” explained owner Susan Henderson. “We kept bringing new products and not having enough place to put them. The citizens of Douglas County have been so supportive that it has been an opportunity to bring more things to them and create a shopping experience for them.”

The uniqueness of the café is that since its menu is made from food items within the store, customers can basically purchase the ingredients and recreate their favorite meals.

“We really try to use a lot of the produce and the shelf products,” noted Henderson. “So if people really love something on their sandwich or in their salad, I can show them and they can purchase it right there.”

“We don’t hardly ever run out of anything and if we do, we have our own grocery store,” joked manager Kellie Walker.

Henderson’s idea of a store and café combination comes from wanting to give Douglas County citizens something they don’t usually see.

“It really comes from the heart and we are trying to bring something different to Douglasville that they don’t have,” said Henderson. “Douglas County doesn’t have a lot of local restaurants, a lot of eating establishments. We thought it was a good fit to be with the store and to expand a person’s shopping experience. They can come, enjoy, sit down and have some lunch.”

The store and grocery are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


While the Farmer’s Table’s menu is small, it does have offer a good range of healthy food options for customers.

The menu features a selection of sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads as well as desserts and a kids' menu. Coffees and smoothies are popular drink options for customers.

“It is American food but more soup and salad,” explained Henderson. “We have a good sandwich repetoire.”

The café switches out its soups almost every day. Customers can check out the website to see what the soup of the day will be.

Even though the café has not been around a full year, Henderson and Walker fully expect to regularly change out the menu seasonally in the hopes of highlighting the proper foods for each season.

“We do change our menu seasonally,” said Walker. “We just changed it in the fall.”

Speaking of seasonal items, the café is notorious for its New Orleans style sno-balls, a luxury that is returning soon.

“Sno-balls will start in April,” explained Henderson. “They are wonderful. People get addicted to them.”

The first two flavors are free while any flavors after that are 50 cents. Over 30 flavors are available.

Another strong suit for the café is that while it is not open for long hours throughout the day, a to-go station is available for customers.

“We have a to-go section so we do keep wraps and salads for sale either before café hours or after,” said Walker. “We have a homemade meal section and we sell a lot of the soups that we offer in the café.”

“We actually put them in our freezer but they can be cooked from a frozen state,” added Henderson. “If people want to come in for lunch and grab dinner on their way out, that is a nice option.”

The café does offer to-go orders for customers but asks that they call ahead of time to guarantee preparation time.

“We don’t deliver yet,” said Walker. “We do some catering. We make fruit platters, meat platters and cheese platters.”

“We really try to meet each customer’s needs no matter what they need,” added Henderson. “That is the beauty of a small local business: you are not restricted by any rules or regulations. It is all about the customer.”

Overall, the Farmer’s Table Café is looking to expand its menu and grow slowly but surely.

“We are looking to expand to breakfast in the June timeframe,” said Henderson. “We are working on that now. We are doing our research.”

“We are open to new ideas,” added Walker. “We are always trying to research and learn about new sandwiches. We test things with our customers and get their opinion."

Farmer's Table Café

Open Since: April 2016

Owner: Susan Henderson

Location: 3670 Hwy. 5, Douglasville, GA 30135

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Phone Number: 770-693-0171

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