Douglasville has a new place to satisfy its sweet tooth.

Douglas Donuts officially opened at 6920 Douglas Boulevard, Suite F, Thursday next to Bruster's Ice Cream The donut shop is operated by the husband and wife team of Chunn Bola and Sam Hour, who have baked donuts for years now.

“Today has been good,” Bola said. “It’s been going well.”

The store’s grand opening had a steady flow of traffic throughout the day and received positive reviews from the customers. Bola credits her husband’s baking philosophies for the quality of donuts the store sells.

“It’s made fresh daily,” Hour said. “We don’t keep a freezer or anything, it’s fresh. You can catch it when it’s hot too.”

Hour has baked donuts for over a decade now, and his first shop, Dev's Donuts in Marietta, is still operating today. Hour has someone else baking for him at Dev's Donuts now while he does all of the baking at the new Douglasville shop.

Douglas Donuts has a selection of over 20 types of donuts, ham and cheese croissants, biscuits, bagels, ice-blended coffee, and smoothies on the menu. The donuts have been compared to the long-standing donut chain down the street on Douglas Boulevard, Dunkin’ Donuts, but Douglas Donuts taste even “better,” Hour said.

On the grand opening day a family friend of Hour and Bola's, who owns her own donut shop in Marietta, helped the family get settled into the new location. The friend also claimed that her shop’s donuts taste better than Krispy Kreme’s donuts. Douglas Donuts is located in the same pavilion as Bruster’s Real Ice Cream and is an original company owned by Hour. The pavilion is next to the Chuck E. Cheese’s on Douglas Boulevard.

“I like this location for donuts in Douglasville,” Bola said.

Customers of all ages came in the shop for Thursday's grand opening. The shop’s hours of operation are 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Saturday and 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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