Douglasville bank robbed Friday

Special Photo/Douglasville Police Department Officials are looking for these two suspects who they say robbed the Bank of the Ozarks on Hospital Drive on Friday.

Law enforcement officials are looking for two suspects who they say robbed a Douglasville bank Friday.

One black male suspect and one black woman suspect nicknamed the "Freedom Fighter Bandit" robbed the Bank of the Ozarks on Hospital Drive in Douglasville Nov. 3. The robbery occurred about two hours after the female suspect robbed a bank in Grayson, Georgia, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigators (FBI).

On Oct. 30, the female suspect unsuccessfully attempted to rob a bank in Stone Mountain, but she successfully robbed a bank in Ellenwood later that day.

The male suspect joined the female suspect for the Douglasville robbery on Nov. 3. Both individuals advised bank tellers that they had an explosive device and would detonate it if they did not give them the money, the Douglasville Police Department said.

The male suspect was wearing all black with a hoodie that had "AMSC Trailblazers" printed on the front, according to the DPD. The female suspect was wearing all black as well, including black gloves, black boots, and a dark-colored messenger bag, according to the FBI. The suspects were last seen riding in a 2003-2006 white Chevrolet Suburban.

"Bank robberies here are few and far between," DPD Capt. Brad Stafford said. "This is an isolated incident. Why they chose Douglasville? I don't think we'll ever know, but we don't have a problem with bank robberies. They do not occur here that often and when they do, people usually get caught fairly quickly."

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to contact the Douglasville/Douglas County Major Case Unit at 770-949-5656.

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