The personal vehicles of firefighters in Douglas and two neighboring counties were recently broken into.

At least 10 vehicles were broken into at Cobb County alone while Douglas County, Paulding County and Smyrna also reported incidents, according to news reports.

The Douglas County Fire Station reported three break-ins on Sunday, Feb. 12.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office received a call from Station No. 7 about three vehicles that had been broken into sometime between the evening hours of Saturday through the early morning hours of Sunday, according to Lt. Glenn Daniel.

The windows had been busted out of the vehicles. A handgun was taken from one vehicle while ammunition was taken from the second. The third was rummaged through with nothing being reported missing at the time of the report being taken, said Daniel.

"We are working with several surrounding law enforcement agencies in reference to this incident that is similar to incidents that have taken place in their jurisdictions also," said Daniel.

The same type of incident was reported in neighboring Paulding County where four personal cars were broken into at Stations 9 and 10.

"They busted out the windows on two vehicles at each station ... and they took three guns from those four vehicles," said Sgt. Ashley Henson of the Paulding County Sheriff's Office.

Cobb County Fire Chief Randy Crider told Fox 5 Atlanta four guns were stolen during the break-ins.

There are no suspects at the time and the case is considered open and active.

Anyone with information about the break-ins should contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Office at 770-942-2121.

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