'Freedom Fighter Bandit' arrested in Tennessee


Surveillance footage shows Nilsa Marie Urena's most recent alleged bank robbery in Crossville, Tennessee. She was identified and arrested shortly after the robbery, according to the FBI.

The woman who authorities say robbed the Bank of Ozarks on Hospital Drive in Douglasville with two other suspects last November has been arrested.

Nilsa Marie Urena, 25, allegedly robbed the Federal Credit Union in Crossville, Tennessee near Nashville this past Saturday morning. Around 11:30 a.m., the FBI identified Urena and took her into custody shortly after the robbery, according to an FBI press release.

During her alleged three-month stretch on the run robbing banks, Urena developed the nickname of the "Freedom Fighter Bandit." The nickname came about because of some of the comments she made during the robberies, according to Douglasville Police Capt. Brad Stafford. After her first set of robberies in November, Urena began posting publicly on Facebook about big brother, the apocalypse, and the conspiracy theories that she had about America.

The two other suspects in the Nov. 3, 2017, robbery in Douglasville were arrested in DeKalb County within a week of the robbery and both were transported back to Douglas County.

Douglasville Police Maj. J.R. Davidson previously said authorities are not releasing the names of the two male suspects "because there are other bank robberies they're suspected of in other jurisdictions."

The 17-year-old suspect is still in the Douglas County Jail, according to jail records. Both suspects were charged as adults and were denied bond in their initial court appearances, Davidson said.

The 16-year-old, who was being held in a Youth Detention Center as of November, "acted as a lookout and the driver," Davidson said. The 17-year-old accompanied Urena inside the Bank of Ozarks.

"She had a device in her hand that she announced was a detonator," Davidson said. "(The 17-year-old) assisted in taking the money -- basically, he was there with her."

Urena is also suspected of robbing banks in Dallas, Grayson, Griffin, Comer, Lithonia, Ellenwood, and unsuccessfully attempting to rob a bank in Stone Mountain.

"We're glad to hear that she was finally apprehended," Stafford said. "She's obviously not somebody we want out on the street."

Urena is wanted in Douglas County for armed robbery and intimidation.

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