The rail crossing of Highway 92 and Mozley Street is now temporarily closed.

During the closing, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Northfolk Southern are going to be working on a new rail underpass and realign the existing tracks. The crossing will be closed until, weather permitting, Feb. 9.

The recommended detours are Bankhead Highway northbound on Municipal Parkway; westbound on Malone Road; and southbound on Dallas Highway to East Strickland/Bankhead Highway. The closure shouldn’t affect local commuters who know the area that much, according to GDOT spokesperson Tori Brown.

“It’s more so for the truck drivers so that we make sure that they know what the detours are,” Brown said. “We’re reaching out to the trucking association, so they’ll know what the detour is and also send off the information to communicate with truckers who are coming through the area. But local commuters should be great. They should know the route already, so it shouldn’t add more time to their commute.”

The work on the railroad crossing begins Phase I of the four-phase Highway 92 project. The project will divert the state highway around downtown Douglasville beginning at Hospital Drive south of downtown, under a tunnel east of downtown near Ellis Street and then reconnecting with the main road north of the city at Malone Road.

Once the relocation project is finished — the projected completion is 2019 — the stretch of Highway 92 now currently south of Malone Road that comes into downtown and crosses at Broad Street will become a city street and will possibly be renamed, according to Douglasville Mayor Pro Tem Richard Segal.

While excited about Phase I getting ready to take off, Ward 3, Post 1 Councilwoman LaShun Burr Danley said that she was surprised Mozley Street was the intersection G-DOT decided to begin work on.

“I didn't think that they would close the Mozley Street crossing before McCarley Street,” Danley said. “I know that Mozley Street gets a lot of access and that McCarley Street you cannot take a left.”

Through the expected traffic, however, Danley expects Douglasville residents to understand the benefits of the work that's being done.

“Any delay or the closing of that crossing is telling us that we're getting closing to the end of this project,” Danley said. “It's an inconvenience to close that crossing, but we'll continue to be patient and remember that the end result is that we will have a great pathway to get across the railroad crossing, so we're excited.”

For real-time information on work zones and traffic conditions, Brown encourages drivers to call 511, visit, or download the Georgia 511 app.

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