As temperatures have dropped into the 20s Saturday night and into early Sunday morning, authorities say they've been seeing more downed trees and power lines and ice on major roads causing accidents.

Rick Martin, county spokesman, provided the Sentinel with a list at 12:45 a.m. of the incidents. They include:

• An accident caused by ice at Hwy 166 near Anneewakee Creek bridge at 12:05 a.m. • Sunday responded to by Douglas County Fire Department.

• Ice on the Thornton Road bridge at midnight Sunday responded to by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

• Power lines down at Wells Circle at 10:51 responded to by DFD and GreyStone Power.

• Tree down one I-20 eastbound near Post Road at 9:59 responded to by DCSO.

• Lines down on South Sweetwater in Lithia Springs at 9:55 responded to by GreyStone • Power.

• Lines down on East Baggett Road at 9:32 by DFD and GreyStone.

• Lines down on McKown Road at 8:37 responded to by GreyStone and DFD.

• Ice-caused accident at Blairs Bridge Road and Sweetwater Creek Bridge at 8:05 worked by DCSO.

• Ice at Riverside and Thornton Road at 8:19 worked by DCSO.

• Ice at McKown and the bad curve at 6:30 worked by DCSO.

• An ice-caused accident at Midway and Vansant at 6:30 worked by DCSO.

• Ice on the Fairburn Road bridge at I-20 at 6:30 worked by Douglas Police Department.

• Ice on the Chapel Hill Road bridge at I-20 at 6:30 worked by DPD.

• Ice on the Highway 5 bridge at I-20 worked by DPD.

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