The Douglasville City Council meeting on May 7 began with a special presentation made by state Rep. Kimberly Alexander and state Sen. Donzella James. This presentation honored the first African-American elected officials in the city of Douglasville in honor of February 2018's Black History Month celebration.

The first honoree was Mayor Rochelle Robinson, who received both House Resolution 1275, which honored her dedication to public service, as well as the Outstanding Georgia Citizen award. The latter was conferred by Brian P. Kemp, the Secretary of State of Georgia and presented by James who described the award as the "highest honor the State of Georgia can give."

Robinson said of receiving the award: "I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this distinguished honor. I, again, extend my appreciation to Representative Alexander, Senator James and the entire Georgia delegation for this prestigious accolade. Moving forward, I will continue to serve the Douglasville community to the best of my ability with the hope of continuously living up to these honors."

The evening's special award presentation did not end there. Each year, two women of outstanding character and selfless service to the community are selected in the state of Georgia for the Nikki T. Randall Servant Leadership Award for Community Services. Alexander and James selected Ward 3, Post 1 Councilwoman LaShun Burr Danley as one of those two honorees for 2018. Alexander described Burr Danley as someone who is "genuinely concerned about the community. She is a true public servant."

Additional honorees included Police Chief Gary Sparks, who received a House Resolution which also honored his decades of committed public service, and City Manager Marcia Hampton, who was presented with a commendation from the state delegation for her impeccable service to the city of Douglasville as well.

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