A Scottdale man accused of robbing an AT&T store armed with a revolver appeared in Douglas County court Monday for a bond hearing.

Chief Magistrate Judge Susan Camp denied bond for Xavier Deaundre Askew, 23, who was charged with two counts of armed robbery. According to the warrant, Askew is accused of taking property from two victims at gunpoint on Oct. 9 at the AT&T store on Thornton Road.

“On Oct. 9, the AT&T cellphone store on Thornton robbed was robbed by two individuals,” Sheriff’s Investigator Trent Wilson said. “We responded, were able to look at video and saw that the two subjects left in a Nissan Maxima. Investigator (Susan) Sweat became involved in the case. She put some information out to other agencies (and) she received a call from Smyrna PD where they had a similar robbery. They had a tag number on the vehicle. She got the tag number (and) spoke with the owner of the vehicle. She advised she let her boyfriend, Mr.Askew, use the car.”

Askew reportedly admitted to driving the car, but claims he didn’t know the two individuals he had drove to the store. The subjects are also suspected to be involved involved in another robbery in Gwinnett County, according to Wilson.

“I did admit to driving,” Askew said. “(But) at the same time, I didn’t know them at all. I don’t know their names or anything. I do know where I dropped them off at and I do know where I picked them up at. But I didn’t know what they was going to do. They didn’t run back to the car with no bag or nothing like that to notify me of what they had just done… They asked me for a ride. I gave them a ride and whatever they did they did.”

When asked if he also drove the suspects to Smyrna, he replied, “I don’t think so… I’m not even really sure where that’s at.”

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