The rainy weather this summer has pushed the grand opening of Douglasville’s new bowling alley and entertainment center into next year.

Thunder Zone Entertainment Center, which will be located at 3140 Bright Star Road, was originally slated for a grand opening in early December.

But Steve Traylor, one of five co-owners of Thunder Zone, said he’s now anticipating a grand opening of January or February of 2014.

“There was a period of probably three weeks where they didn’t work at all,” Traylor said. “It was just a difficult summer for us.

“But we’re moving through it and hopefully we’ll have better weather going forward so we can get it complete at least by then.”

Traylor said the footprint for the 42,000-square-foot building has been cleared and a retention pond has been built. He said mostly what remains is grading work. He said he expects the building to start going up within the next three to four weeks.

When it’s completed, Thunder Zone will have 28 bowling lanes, a bar and restaurant and an arcade area. Traylor said the decision was made over the summer to add bumper cars to the arcade area.

The planned laser tag area will have an observation window so parents and others can watch the action. And the laser tag area will be two stories, which Traylor said he believes will make playing laser tag even more fun.

“It gives them a lot more area to kind of roam around and hide and ambush and all of the things you do in a laser tag area,” said Traylor.

It was back in June when workers began clearing the heavily wooded lot Thunder Zone will occupy behind the Exxon station near where Bright Star Road and Douglas Boulevard intersect.

For folks who are looking at the site as they drive by, he said the building will go in the back left corner and will face south down Bright Star, slightly angled toward the road.

Traylor said when it’s all done, there will be a left turn lane for traffic coming south on Bright Star to turn into Thunder Zone. There will also be a deceleration lane for traffic coming north on Bright Star and an acceleration lane for traffic turning right out of the Thunder Zone onto Bright Star going north.

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