Charges have been upgraded against a Douglasville man accused of slamming his sister to the ground and hitting her during an altercation at their parents’ home.

Terry Lance Castor, 43, appeared in Douglas County court Friday charged with battery under the Family Violence Act, aggravated battery and simple assault. Castor previously appeared in court Thursday charged only with battery. According to the warrant Chief Magistrate Judge Susan Camp read in court, Castor headbutted his sister, causing fractures to the bones in her nose.

He is also accused of slamming her to the ground then punching her in the face, causing swelling to the right side of her jaw and eye area. The attack reportedly occurred after Castor made a fist with his right hand and pulled it back as if he was going to hit the victim’s daughter.

The attack occurred Wednesday at a residence on Colonial Trail in Douglasville.

The victim told the judge that Castor “does not need to get out of jail.”

“He has not ever had to pay for his consequences,” she said. “Terry, I love you. But you’ve got to have help.”

She told the judge her brother struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse.

“He lives with my elderly mother and father,” she said. “I’d rather take the beating than he do this to my parents.”

She told the judge that Castor threatened her daughter after she confronted him about a broken beer bottle. Her daughter’s 10-month-old child apparently picked up a piece of the beer bottle he had busted.

“He was crazy,” she said. “He was wild-eyed.  He hit me. He threw me to the ground. He got on top of me and all I could see was the devil. I’ve never been so scared.”

Castor admitted he got mad after the daughter confronted him about the broken bottle incident that happened two weeks ago.

“When I got mad at (the daughter), (my sister) charged me and hit me right near my eye, broke my glasses, broke the lens off my glasses,” he said. “When I hit her back, she fell down. I fell down with her. I started to get back up. She got back up. She hit me again under this eye.”

Castor told the judge the headbutting incident occurred four hours later after he had left then came back to the residence.

“I was sitting there watching TV,” he said. “They all came in and jumped in my face... I don’t like fighting with my sister. I don’t.”

He also claims he’s not on drugs and his parent’s aren’t in danger.

Camp denied bond, saying Castor is a danger to the victims.

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