A 34-year-old Johns Creek man appeared in Douglas County court Monday for his alleged role in a drug ring.

William Wai Lim Ho was charged with racketeering under the Georgia RICO statute, conspiracy to commit a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act and use of a communications device to commit VGCSA.  

The arrest warrant alleges that Ho was involved in the distribution of marijuana. The incidents reportedly occurred between March 4 and April 10. District Attorney's Office Special Prosecutor Jeff Ballew testified that Ho had about five pounds of marijuana in the vehicle he was traveling in at the time of his arrest.

Court records show that Ho was stopped on Interstate 20 westbound at Post Road on April 2. He was subsequently arrested and bonded out of jail.

"During the course of the larger investigation that is listed in these warrants, it was revealed that Mr. Ho was involved in a distribution ring involving high dollar marijuana."

Sheriff's Sgt. Jon Mauney told the judge the marijuana was valued between $3,000 and $4,000 a pound.

"Mr. Ho was bringing to Douglas County five pound amounts," Ballew said. "We documented him delivering two other deliveries over and above the five pounds."

A search of his residence reportedly uncovered over $70,000 in cash. Ballew told the judge that Ho lived in a "nice brick home" where there were a lot of late model vehicles including a Toyota, Lexus and BMW.  

"He has been indicted for being part of a racketeering organization," Ballew said.

He admitted that investigators knew of Ho's involvement in the larger investigators after his arrest in April.

"We were trying to not oppose bond so that he would continue in his activities," Ballew said. "It was toward the end of the investigation and we were hoping that other law enforcement agencies were going to be able to dismantle a larger organization."

Ho is scheduled to be arraigned today.

Others charged in the case are German William Beltran, 20; Carl Eugene Register, 49; Blake Freeman Whitmore, 21; all of Douglasville; Clayton Anderson, 36; Theodore Elijah Lay, 24; Christie Anna Haynes, 20; Cayla Mechelle Register, 22; all of Villa Rica, Tyler Scott Keller, Jeffrey Alan Bourassa, Lindsey Marie Hollingsworth, Yeule Paul Choi, Master Bolt Ronpirin, Eric J. Navarro, Louis Nguyen, Rosa del Carmen Lopez, Daylan Kane Brewer, Lacey Belflower, Jeffery Dawood, Zachary Adair, Robert "Bo" Sean Bruce, Blake P. Carney, Michael "Bo" Cain, Alexander Colas, Michael David Grubs, Charles "Chase" Ross Motley, Ryan Gregory Nixon, Marcus Allyn Slezak, Bardia Razzaghi, Leron Daunte Robinson, Charles Clayton Anderson, Juan Ramón Batista, Humberto Zapata, Scott Lee Parker Jr.; Jesus Rosa and Dustin Williams.  

The racketeering charges against Razzaghi were later dropped, and Superior Court Judge David T. Emerson released his probation midway through his five-year sentence.

In another case, 31-year-old Demetrieo Lamont Johnson of Douglasville was charged with possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute and two counts of cocaine sales. Johnson was allegedly caught in possession Friday of 12 grams of crack cocaine. He is also accused of selling cocaine on Nov. 28 and Nov. 30.

Dodson also denied his bond.

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