An attorney for a Dallas man accused of vehicular homicide asked for more time Wednesday, while the prosecution is pushing for an August trail.

Attorney Paul White, who represents 34-year-old Francisco Ferrer, asked for time to hire an accident reconstruction expert and wants the state to pick up the tab.

Ferrer is accused of vehicular homicide after a March 25, 2012 crash where Jason Dale  Strick land, 37, of Tallapoosa was killed. Investigators say that Ferrer's Honda Element hit Strickland's Harley Davidson from behind on I-20 near Lee Road.

The accident occurred just before 5 a.m. in Dou glas County. Strick land was returning home from Grady Hospital where he was employed as a para medic. Ferrer allegedly was driving home to Dallas after a night of partying, including a stop at a Fulton Industrial Blvd. strip joint. The impact threw Strickland off his motorcycle into the center travel lane where he was hit by a truck. The police report said he was intoxicated at the time of the crash, registering .125 according to the report.

White told James he planned to  hire an expert after Ferrer got out on a $300,000 bond. But when Ferrer's job was not held for him there were no funds available. At Ferrer's bond hearing, his former boss testified that he had a job for Ferrer should he be granted bond. Douglas County Assistant District Attorney Ryan Leonard said the state is ready and asked for an August trial date.

Leonard said the case has been delayed long enough.

"It's almost as if the truth of this case is staring us all in the face, and we are continuing the case for a year to allow them to hire an expert that's going to come in and talk about a situation that is clear to me," Leonard said. "I think it's clear to many people that have viewed the evidence and facts of this case...I haven't seen progress being made on an accident reconstruction expert."

That's when White asked the court for help in funding an expert for them.

James gave the defense a week to get more information for the court.

James continued the case until Wednesday, July 3rd. He ordered the defense to have a statement from an expert, as well as the anticipated cost and Ferrer's financial information so that the state could make a decision on any potential assistance.

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OH NO. I cannot believe what I'm reading here. I am in shock that the State of Georgia could even consider allowing this obvious menace to society to cost the taxpayers anymore money or cause any further loss at his guilty hands. I mean isn't loosing an extraordinary citizen and life like Jason Strickland's enough cost to the State not to mention all the court costs incurred to date over this. I STRONLY agree with Mr. Leonard and his statements regarding the Truth of this case and it's absurd continuance. Judge James I hope will not allow the citizen of the State of GA to foot the bill for this nonsense and outright abuse of the system. This thing should own up to what HE done and quit playing the victim here. I suggest to the State to investigate his families recent spending habits and it will clearly show that they are just wasting time and resources. They have been throwing money around but in the wrong places and in the wrong hands. He has been treated with much greater compassion already than Jason's Family. I know. I see their lifestyle everyday and I am appalled at the audacity of this now ridiculous goose chase. May the Leaders and Appointed officials see through this side show and do what is just and right.


Agreed! I do not understand the thinking here. It's just plain asinine, pure and simple. The moron DELIBERATELY drank himself into a stupor (The man blew a .125 for frak's sake!!!) then DELIBERATELY got behind the wheel, thereby turning his vehicle into a weapon. He CHOSE to be irresponsible. He CHOSE to act like an idiot. The bottom line? He is a murderer, no if and's or buts about it! WHY should the tax payers of this state have to pay for something that is clearly a waste of time? Where is the justice??? Somebody tell me WHERE????

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