Johnny Jarriel Jr. talks about being the manager on duty last Saturday morning when an armed robber approached him the office of the Circle K store at 5785 West Stewart’s Mill Road and how he used his gun to save himself and others. Store officials declined comment Thursday, but the separation notice given to Jarriel lists "Possession/Use of a weapon on company property" as the reason for his termination. (Mitch Sneed / Douglas County Sentinel)

The assistant manager of a convenience store who pulled a gun and shot at an armed robber Saturday has been fired.

Johnny Jarriel Jr. was the manager on duty last Saturday morning when an armed robber approached him the office of the Circle K store at 5785 West Stewart’s Mill Road. Store officials declined comment Thursday, but the separation notice given to Jarriel lists "Possession/Use of a weapon on company property" as the reason for his termination.

Jarriel said he has a state permit to carry a concealed weapon. He said that before he used the gun to shoot three times at a crazed gunman who was robbing the store, his manager knew he carried the gun at work and never said a word. Now that he had to use it to try to protect himself as well as another employee and two customers, he finds himself unemployed after more than three years on the job at Circle K.

"I don't want anyone saying I think I'm some kind of hero or something, but think about it," Jarriel said. "I had a glassy-eyed man talking crazy sneak up on me, pepper spray me and threaten to kill me and everyone in the store. All I did was try to save my life and the lives of the three other people who were in the store. He had already said he would kill me and I had no idea what he would do if we got out into the store. He had already shown he was willing to do anything."

Jarriel said he knew of the company's "vague" rule about guns, but in an area where robberies have happened before, he felt that he had to exercise his constitutional right. As he recapped those terrifying three minutes that began at 9:05 Saturday morning, he said he wouldn't have done anything different even if he could.

"I was working in the office when he walked into the back office and caught me by surprise," Jarriel said. "I had a cashier out front and there were two other customers in the store. Before I even knew he was there he grabbed me from behind and sprayed a whole can of pepper spray in my eyes. It was incredible how bad it burned.

"He grabbed me by the collar and slammed me on the ground. He pulled out a large silver automatic weapon and put it to my head and said 'give me the (expletive) money you (expletive). I will kill you.' I said OK, let's go out front and get it."

That's when Jarriel said he saw an opening. As the suspect, described as a black male of average size and build, turned to walk out front, he pulled a gun he had in his front pants pocket.

"He was about 10 feet ahead of me and I raised the gun and just started shooting," Jarriel said. "Everything was blurry because I still had pepper spray in my eyes. That's when he panicked and ran out of the store."

GeorgiaCarry.Org is a group that has fought to make sure the Second Amendment right to bear arms is protected. Co-founder James Camp said Thursday this scenario is one that is all too familiar in Georgia and one that will be repeated until the legislature moves to change existing laws.

"It is an unfortunate situation where someone is pushed in a terrifying scenario to have to defend themselves only to lose their job for doing so," Camp said. "But as of now, Georgia law provides no teeth for an employee who loses his job for using a gun to defend himself."

Camp said that while a legal battle would be tough, he urges Circle K customers to tell management how they feel.

"They can vote with their pocketbook," Camp said. "If they feel he had a right to carry a gun and defend himself, they should let the company know, spend their money elsewhere and tell them that this man deserves to have his job back."

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I will not be going back in a circle k until they hire him back and give him a raise. Not only did he save his life he saved others too. And the company fired him??? I wish the owner was in there when the gun man pulled the gun and seen what he would have done to save the others. Not always giving them the money gets you out alive. So anybody that thinks he did wrong by having his gun. The next time you need help call your preacher nevermind he carries a gun call on some one that can not defend you.


A clerk was murdered there just a few years ago by robbers. I guess they would rather you die than exercise your 2nd amendment right to protect yourself. I'll never go in that dump again.


The clerk being fired has nothing to do with anyones 2nd Amendment Right. The clerk knew of the "vague policy" that Circle K has in place and if his manager knew that he had a gun with him at work then he should be fired too. This man was pepper sprayed and still shooting...what about the clerks and customers in the store?? What if he had shot one of them? Remember, a bullet does not carry a name....If the assistant manager had complied with the robber and given him the money, he would have left. Just as in the past robbery at this same store. Such an unfortunate accident because you would not do what the company asks of you. So whomever put the brand new white America tshirt on him for this photo opportunity should be ashamed. Working in a gas station is hard enough for people. Why not just comply with the robber?? Was it the assistant managers money?? No.


You, my dear naive friend, have no idea what you're talking about. The 'clerk' is a honest, hard working man. The customers love him and appreciate his positive attitude. He never kept it a secret that he carried a weapon from anyone, including store management. He was defending his life as well as the lives of others. He did not, nor would not, have fired the gun toward the front of the store where employees or customers were located. He fired toward the back of the store, where the ignorant robber went, where there were no people nearby. I agree money is not worth protecting and if it had only been money Johnny was afraid of losing he wouldn't have fired his gun. Johnny was told he would be killed... not matter what. Johnny defended his life, in a responsible manner, without risking the lives of anyone other than the robber. Bleeding heart liberals will never learn the sad truth of today's society until it comes up and bites you on the ass. Blessed Be.


Unfortunately, to many convenience store owners tell you that they had rather you give a robber the money than die for it. Well in today's world that doesn't work. WIthe economic times and desperation getting worse, a robber today will take the money and shoot the clerk to prevent from being identified. Like I had a cop tell me one time, criminals are dumb. They can kill the clerk but leave the video cameras running. Thank goodness they are too small to be noticed, and transmit over the internet to a remote source now.


Boliqua26, I'm sure the 3rd shift female clerk that was killed at that exact same store a few years ago complied with her killer's demands. Crimes aren't always about money. What if what the criminal wants is you?


Please learn facts. Not what you read in a tabloid.


Boliqua26, the only one devoid of facts is you dear.

Fact1: an employee has been killed at this particular store before.
Fact2: a robbery and assault was attempted at this particular store this past Saturday.
Fact3: alleged robber assaulted an employee of this particular store.
Fact4: alleged robber made his intents known to his potential victims by stating "I will kill you"
Fact5: Mr. Jarriel had reasonable belief that his life and the life of others was in imminent danger.
Fact6: Mr. Jarriel acting in accordance with state law, justifiably used force to stop another's use of imminent force likely to cause great bodily harm or death.
Fact7: no one was hurt or killed by Mr. Jarriel's use of justifiable deadly force.
Fact8: circlek fired Mr. Jarriel for the commission of a lawful and justifiable act.

Unlike you my dear, I don't subscribe to fiction or "what if's".

Frances McTyre
Frances McTyre

That case is still an unsolved murder she followed all the robbers instructions and demands and he murdered her in cold blood.
This man was justified in his actions..NO IF AND OR BUTTS......

..Boligua26. It is rather sad that your views on this situation when you do not know the facts...I live in this county and we have had many armed robberies, murders and such. I myself feel that everyone needs to have the right to protect theirselves in this type of situation. The ending out come could have been reversed if this man did not protect themselves. Just a few months ago in Vila Rica, Jewelry store employees were murdered without a second thought.. We are in a time to where your life means nothing to a criminal. I myself hope you are never put in this sitaution that you are in fear of your life with no means of protection. You really need to look at the world today to where kids as young as 12 will kill you. You really need to look at all facts before you judge someone on their actions..He was justified 100%. I myself would have done the same thing. So there is your facts and not from tabloids, You can go to the Douglas County Sheriff Office websitre and you can see the case on the unsolved murder of the previous Circle K worker THAT IS NOW DEAD AND UNSOLVED and guess what there is a picture of the MURDERER. She followed his rules and yet she was killed...

Concerned Citizen

While many communities are served by this Circle K and so many have become acquainted with the employees over the years, we take this POLICY of the corporate offices very irresponsible, to the safety of their employees as well as their customers. We remember well the murder of employee Mary Ann who lost her life at this store and several other robberies there going unsolved even with cameras. We support the right to carry laws for the protection of ourselves as well as others when the need arises.
Today's world in Douglas County has changed and there is more robberies in our homes as well as commercial establishments. Mr. Jarrel should be commended for his actions to protect himself, customers and employees and not fired for doing so. If more of these companies would allow their employees to be trained and armed an a sign posted to that effect, there would probably be many less robberies.
Check out Circle K robberies on the net and check the numerous robberies.
Will you or I be in the store when the next happens. Not me until MANAGEMENT makes changes to this Policy. I will be contacting the main headquarters concerning this practice. Everyone should do the same!
I also support GEORGIA CARRY, SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS and hope this will help with their effort to get the GA. Legislature to make some changes.


Have any of you even worked in a gas station???


What does it matter? A persons life and right to self defense doesn't suddenly disappear just because of where they work. Get a grip.


Companies like Circle K who have these rules in place are inviting crime into their stores. Criminals will target these with the chances that the employees can protect themselves and an easy robbery for them. I wish people would stop shopping there and show our support for better policies for Circle K employees with better protection for their safety.


I shop at that Circle K all of the time - or I DID. The murder there a few years ago was disturbing. But not counting the loss of the clerk's life in that incident, this is even more disturbing. So I'll probably never shop there again, or at any Circle K store for that matter. - - - - The abundance of clueless people like Boliqua26 is one reason why companies have these short-sighted policies. All too often an armed robber will get the money out of the safe or cash register and then kill the employee anyway. All this corporate policy does is advertise to criminals that they'll be safe if they want to rob and kill people at a Circle K. I would *MUCH* rather go into a store where I knew the employee/manager was armed just in case something went down, even on the off chance that if it did I might accidentally be harmed during the fray. But that's the main reason the policy exists - liability. Circle K doesn't care about their employees or customers AT ALL in this situation. All they care about is protecting themselves from some frivolous lawsuit brought by someone who does get harmed in one of their stores during a robbery. If the perpetrator kills an employee or customer with their own weapon or their bare hands, Circle K isn't liable. But if someone is harmed or killed by a firearm (*gasp*) the company allowed to be in the store, then Circle K can be sued, even by the perpetrator or a family member of the perpetrator. We need Tort Reform in the U.S. to fix that, and I say we begin the Tort Reform by disbarring all of the Liberal judges who try to legislate from the bench.


You know unless it is solved that store still has one unsolved unarmed murdered employee you would think they would give this ole boy a raise and give the rest of the staff guns and education on how to use them. But, you can't fix liberal stupid.

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