Robbery at CVS investigated

Investigators with the Douglasville Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are working to see if the same suspects may be responsible for a pair of armed robberies. The CVS store on Fairburn Road was robber in the early hours of Thursday mornig by two men, one seen in the photo here wearing a read hooie with a logo on the front. The general descriptions, a shirt worn and the methods and circumstances are very much like a Feb. 19 robbery by the two suspects shown entering a Thornton Road convenience store. (Surveillance photos)

Another local store has been robbed in the early morning hours by armed suspects and officials are now exploring possibility if the same men may be responsible for multiple incidents.

Douglasville Police Department investigators are searching for two men that they say robbed the CVS store at 6031 Fairburn Road Douglasville at 3:27 a.m. Thursday. Capt. J.R. Davidson said that two men, described as relatively thin and of average height entered the store. One man was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, the other wearing a red hoodie.

“They approached the store on foot, went inside approached the clerk and demanded the money,” Davidson said.. “The suspect wearing the black sweatshirt showed a gun and they emptied the registers very quickly and were out, again leaving the area on foot.

“We are going over all the surveillance footage from the store and checking about others businesses in the area that may have cameras, and looking for any potential witnesses, but right now that is what we know for sure.”

Davidson did say that they are looking at the possibility that the two suspects in Thursday’s robbery may be the same men who robbed a store near I-20 and Thornton Road on Feb. 19. He said they are comparing notes and information with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office investigators.

The Feb. 19 Thornton Road robbery happened sometime between 4:45 and 5 a.m. The owner of the store asked not to have the exact location listed, but Inv. Susan Sweat said both suspects were carrying handguns and were described as tall, thin males who may have been in their early to mid-20s. The clerk was the only person in the 24-hour store at the time.

Sweat said the most distinguishing item about the suspects is a red hooded sweatshirt worn by one of the men. It appears to have a Nike logo on it, Sweat said. The footage from CVS is fuzzy, but the logo on the red sweatshirt worn by one suspect there looks similar in shape, coloring and size.

“The descriptions and the way they approached the business, the time and mannerisms do sound at least on the surface very similar,” Davidson said. “We hope that someone out there has heard something or possible saw something if they were in that area Thursday morning.”

Davidson said that Det. Brad Grant is working the case and information can be reported by calling 678-293-1773.

Anyone with information about the Thornton Road robbery is asked to contact Sweat at 770-920-7138 or

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