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Quenton Thornton

Charges for a murder in Lithia Springs, a bank robbery in Douglasville and teenagers with firearms at a local high school football game were among the 50 indictments the Douglas County Grand Jury returned on Nov. 17.

Quenton Thornton, 43, was indicted for committing felony murder in the death of Kourtney Thompson, 18, on Sept. 1.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office got a call about a domestic argument and person shot at 7:24 p.m. and deputies were on the scene at 7:28, Sgt. Jesse Hambrick said previously.

The incident happened at a residence on Sweetridge Court across from Turner Middle School and next to the Lithia Springs Public Library, Hambrick said.

Hambrick said that everyone involved in the argument was “all familiar with each other.”

He said that an “argument flared up that became a shooting” and Thompson was dead on the scene.

Another man was arrested on the scene, but District Attorney Brian Fortner said the man was only arrested for disorderly conduct.

“The scene was a little bit chaotic out there that night,” Fortner said when explaining Wednesday why the other man was arrested.

Thornton was also indicted for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. He was convicted of felony Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act in Fulton County Superior Court on Dec. 15, 1994.

Monterio Kelley, Devon Morris, and Nilsa Marie Urena were indicted for armed robbery, terroristic threats, and hoax devices. On Nov. 3, Morris and Urena unlawfully took money from the Bank of the Ozarks and threatened to detonate a bomb in the presence of Sandra Lee Daniel and Jessica Johnson, according to the indictment. Kelley acted as a lookout and the driver during the robbery, Douglasville Maj. J.R. Davidson said previously.

Morris, 17, was booked into the Douglas County jail on Nov. 7. He was arrested at the school he attends in DeKalb County. Davidson said the 17-year-old had a 9mm pistol, cash, and marijuana when he was arrested at his school.

Kelley, 16, was arrested and booked into a Youth Detention Center on Nov. 9. He was arrested at his home in DeKalb County where he was found with a large amount of cash, Davidson said. The 16-year-old is being tried as an adult, according to Davidson.

Urena, 25, has still not been arrested. She is described by authorities as about being about 5-foot-7, and about 145 pounds. Anyone with information about Urena and her whereabouts is asked to contact the Douglasville/Douglas County Major Case Unit at 770-949-5656.

Rickey Clark, 18, and Tamaj Neal, 18, were indicted for armed robbery, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, two counts of carrying weapons within a certain school and obstruction of an officer. On Sept. 20, Clark and Neal made an assault on Quandirria Drummer with a deadly weapon, according to the indictment. Neal threatened to kill Drummer, according to the indictment.

Two days later on Sept. 22 at New Manchester High School during a football game with Alexander High School, Clark and Neal unlawfully carried firearms, according to the indictment. Clark carried a 9mm pistol while Neal carried a .45 caliber pistol. Both Clark and Neal fled from Deputy Joe Pounds when ordered not to move, the indictment shows.

William Silas, 18, was indicted for armed robbery, aggravated assault, two counts of first-degree forgery and two counts of theft by deception.

Other indictments handed down by the Grand Jury include:

• Rodney Wilson, on charges of Aggravated Assault, etc.

• Charlie Mayes, on charges of Intimidation of Court Official.

• Daleroda Otis Smith, on charges of Failure to Register as Sex Offender.

• Elbert Patterson, on charges of Aggravated Stalking.

• Timothy Berness, on charges of Aggravated Battery.

• Jovan Horton, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Zeus Brittain, on charges of Aggravated Stalking, etc.

• Edna Simpkins, on charges of Trafficking in Cocaine.

• Jimmy Joseph Crews, on charges of Burglary 1st Degree.

• Jama Deal, on charges of making a False Statement.

• John Blevins, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Monica Sigman, on charges of Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer.

• Kayla Bayne and Michael Terrell, on charges of Financial Transaction Card Fraud.

• Michael Vincent O’Grady, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Yukonda Deoreo, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Angela Turner, on charges of Trafficking Methamphetamine.

• David Thomas Horner, on charges of Felony Obstruction LEO.

• Anthony Neal Andree, Jr. and Stephanie Lauran Wallace, on charges of Burglary 1st.

• James Curtis Foster and Donald Eugene Mason Neal, on charges of Sale of Cocaine.

• Zade Pierce Harper, on charges of Failure to Register.

• Zade Pierece Harper, on charges of Cruelty 1st Degree.

• Frankie Wayne Flynn, on charges of Burglary.

• Sandra Smith, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Miranda Lee Cone and Brannon Michael Boleman, on charges of Burglary.

• Corinthians Demarcos Mitchell and Kierra Alshuna Mitchell, on charges of Shoplifting.

• Jody Jones, on charges of Burglary 1st.

• Rachel Fleming and Victoria Ann Clarke, on charges of Violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

• Joseph Mashburn, Marcus Holts, Daylan Brewer and Lucrete Shea Mashburn, on charges of Possession of Scheduled 2 with Intent.

• Kevin Ray Gardner, on charges of Theft by Deception.

• Andre Dantzler, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Jermaine English, on charges of Cruelty to Children in the 1st.

• Omarr Rasool, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Marshall Maffett, on charges of False Imprisonment.

• Jermaine Brown, on charges of Aggravated Assault.

• Laron Jordan, on charges of Burglary.

• Lashun Fuller and Charles Miller, on charges of Fleeing/Attempt to Elude. 37. Anthony Tyrone Jones, on charges of Cruelty to Children 1st.

• Godwin Iyayi, on charges of Aggravated Assault, FV.

• Sunblondy Hector, on charges of Cruelty to Children 1st.

• Kimberly Pennyman, on charges of Driving on Suspended License 4th in 5 years.

• Shyheim Brown, on charges of Aggravated Assault, FV.

• Sidney Carter, Jr., Rashawn Avery and Montez Battle, on charges of Entering Auto.

• Dang Hung Huu, on charges of Criminal Damage 2nd.

• Joshua Dominique Jackson, on charges of Burglary.

• Brian Hutzell, on charges of Vehicular Homicide 1st.

• Rickey Clark and Keiodrick Lindley, on charges of Riot in a Penal Institution.

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