The Douglasville Police Department is looking for an unknown male suspect known for using counterfeit $100 bills.

The suspect made several purchases at the Kroger on Hospital Drive, the Stevi B's on Concourse Parkway and the Subway on Highway 5 on April 9, according to police.

According to Det. Sean Williams, the suspect went to Kroger and gave the fuel pump employee a counterfeit $100 bill.

"As soon as (the suspect) gave him the bill, he immediately picked up the phone and called 911," said Williams. "'We get there but the guy had taken off. We don't know if he was in a car or what."

The suspect then went to Stevi B's where he ordered a pizza, according to police.

"They didn't realize it was counterfeit until later in the day after he was already gone," said Williams. "It was another counterfeit bill. They all had the same serial numbers."

The suspect went to Subway but was reported by Steak N Shake after they tried to put the $100 bill in their deposit.

"What they do is when Subway needs to change bills, they will come to Steak N Shake and ask them," said Williams. "Steak 'n Shake gave them change for $100. When Steak 'n Shake went to put their deposit in the bank, that's when the bank told them that they found a counterfeit $100 bill. We went out there and we got that bill and it was also the same serial number."

The suspect is described to be a younger male in his late teens or early 20s.

If anyone has any information about the identity of the suspect, they are asked to contact Williams at 678-293-1747 or

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