Martin faces murder charge

Rodriquis Cardin Martin

A man charged with murder made his initial court appearance in front of Superior Court Judge Cynthia Adams on Thursday morning. Rodriquis Cardin Martin, 36, is accused of killing of Katrina Galloway, 37, on Friday, Nov. 24.

Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Deah Warren told the judge that Martin forced his way into Galloway's residence at 6003 Lancelot Lane in Douglasville with her children present. Warren said once he entered the home, Martin chased Galloway around the home with a knife before cornering and stabbing her seven times in her room.

"After brutally murdering her in the house with her children, he then left and stole her vehicle," Warren told the judge.

Martin was then on the run and went to his former lover while looking for advice on how to stay on the run, Warren said in court. The lover contacted law enforcement and Martin was apprehended by DeKalb County authorities Wednesday night.

Martin and Galloway had a history of violence between each other, Warren said. Martin was arrested on March 16 in DeKalb County on a felony charge of aggravated battery and a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing against Galloway. He was released on bond for the incident. Martin has also been cited for having a physical altercation with Galloway in a store in Douglas County on Nov. 10, Warren told Judge Adams.

"There had been quite a domestic history leading up to that point and Ms. Galloway simply wanted the defendant to leave her alone," Warren said.

Martin has a probation warrant in Douglas County as well, according to Warren.

Martin was represented in court by defense attorney Alison Frutoz, who advised him to not speak with anyone about the facts of the case.

No bond was issued at Thursday's hearing, but Frutoz can make a motion for bond at a future date, according to the DA's office.

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