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Ron Daniel/Douglas County Sentinel Douglas County Superior Court Judge William "Beau" McClain holds up a Superman comic book at Saturday's Republican Party meeting. McClain told the crowd of more than 50 people he has loved Superman since he was a child because 'he helps people.' McClain spoke at the meeting on behalf of Operation Christmas, a community-wide effort to provide every child in need in Douglas County with a Christmas gift this year.

Douglas County Superior Court Judge William “Beau” McClain confessed he has always “loved Superman.”

McClain held up a Superman comic book at the Douglas County Republican Party’s meeting Saturday at American Legion Post 145 and told the crowd of more than 50 people he had finally realized why.

“I found out almost 60 years into my life why I love Superman,” McClain said. “He saves people, helps people. He stands for truth, justice and the American way. He fights for what is right and he opposes what is wrong. So I became an assistant district attorney and I became a judge and those roles put me in a position to do that every single day. You can be cynical and laugh and say it's a speech, but I’m telling my community and my friends you now know who Beau McClain is and why he does what he does.”

McClain spoke at the meeting on behalf of Operation Christmas, a community-wide effort to provide every child in need in Douglas County with a Christmas gift this year.

Solicitor General Matthew Krull offered his full support of Operation Christmas in introducing McClain and Republican Party Chairman Terry Baggett said the local GOP was donating $500 to Operation Christmas and would help collect toys for the effort. 

The basic plan for Operation Christmas is to provide a “golden ticket” for each of the 16,406 children receiving free or reduced meals in the Douglas County School System to be exchanged for gifts at local venues on Dec. 19. Additionally, Operation Christmas has a goal of fulfilling wish lists for 161 children in foster care and 400 children in local schools who are classified as homeless. 

“Operation Christmas is the first time Douglas County has come together to serve children in need in Douglas County,” McClain said. “It’s the first time Douglas County has come together to serve all of the children in need in Douglas County. And it’s the first time that I can find any community on earth has said ‘we’re going to serve every needy child in our community this Christmas.’ That requires cooperation.” 

McClain talked about his own calling to help others 10 years ago. He said Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of people from Louisiana and Mississippi and that many of them wound up relocating to Douglas County and other parts of metro Atlanta.

“God moved them and said you need to help them,” McClain said. “So I did.” 

McClain said he helped the Katrina refugees by working with charities like The Pantry and Faith in Action. 

It was the gift of 4,700 new toys in June to a chariy he is involved with that led to the creation of Operation Christmas. Sheriff Phil Miller, Church at Chapel Hill Pastor Dave Divine, Denyse Companies Vice President Mark Denyse and Douglas County Schools Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Renee Davis are all serving as co-chairs for Operation Christmas.

Operation Christmas still needs help to reach its goals. If you want to help, you can: 

• Donate new, unwrapped toys, which can be dropped off at collection boxes around the county.

• Make monetary donations, which are tax deductible.

• Sign up to fill the “wish list” of a homeless child or foster child.

• Volunteer at your church or business to be a distribution location.

You can reach Operation Christmas by regular mail at 5357 Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville, GA 30135; email theelfsquaddc@gmail.com; and on Facebook at The Elf Squad.

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