The love story between Mike and Peggy Mulcare started over 50 years ago, and they celebrated their golden anniversary last year way in a big way—and in the process raised over $18,000 to support the spay and neuter program at the soon-to-open new Douglas County Animal Shelter.

A year later, the Mulcares have partnered once again with the Douglas County Humane Society to host the Second Annual Spay and Neuter Fundraiser and Party, with all proceeds going towards spaying and neutering pets in Douglas County.

Although the fun-filled event is happening this Saturday night, April 22, it is not too late to attend. Tickets are still available in what was a sell-out event last year, according to Mike Mulcare.

“It really wasn’t on our radar to have an annual event for spay and neuter in Douglas County,” he said. “It was just going to be a one-time 50th anniversary party and fundraiser with about 300 people from across the community. But we knew after that night last year we couldn’t let the success achieved wither on the vine. Plus, numerous people who were unable to attend told us how great they heard the party was and asked if we were going to do it again in 2017.

“You can’t say no to success, so yes, we decided to have the party again this year,” Mulcare said.

He said that another factor besides the sell-out attendance at last year’s event was the tremendous support they’d had from the county’s business community.

“They were really the key ingredient to what was accomplished in terms of fundraising,” Mulcare said.”And of course you have to credit great food and great music in the equations as well.”

He describes the event as “a fun evening with wonderful food from Lori Bomar’s Atlanta’s Finest Catering and great music from the Mike Brookshire Band.”

The cost of the evening —which includes a buffet dinner, beer and wine, music, dancing and a silent auction—is $35 per person. Tickets for the event may be purchased online at or by calling Connie McKennon at 404-625-0821. Checks should be made out to the Douglas County Humane Society.

The event will be held once again in the Deer Lick Park gym at 2105 Mack Road in Douglasville from 6 to 10 p.m. Dress for the event is evening casual.

As an animal lover and District 3 county commissioner, Mulcare recognizes the importance of having dogs and cats spayed or neutered. He and his wife, Peggy, adopted their two dogs, Millie and Lana, who are both spayed.

“With the money raised,” he said. “Douglas County’s Animal Service and our partners, the Douglas County Humane Society will be able to ‘fix’ well over 300 pets before they are adopted. This will have a telling effect in terms reducing the number of unexpected, unwanted and un-cared for dogs and cats in the county. Peggy and I are looking forward to the party and meeting more people who care about cats and dogs like we do.”

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