Drivers may have noticed a traffic light malfunctioning during the holidays at the intersection of Broad Street/Highway 78 and Fairburn Road/Highway 92 in downtown Douglasville.

Douglasville Maintenance & Sanitation Director Greg Roberts said as of Thursday the signal "seems to be working." He said the signal had a cabinet box malfunction.

Roberts said since Highway 92 is a state highway, the Georgia Department of Transportation controls the signal at the intersection and is responsible for making sure it's working.

“I knew there was an issue with that signal a couple of weeks ago, but I thought they corrected it,” Roberts said. “Apparently the cabinet they replaced recently must have had some malfunctioning, too. It was a technical issue with that signal and it just kept going down.”

The lights flashed on and off throughout the holiday weekend, which concerned some citizens.

A “field technician” even contacted 911 this past Tuesday because he didn’t know what the issue was, Roberts said. Roberts said if the light is out or flashing when drivers approach it, they should treat it as a three-way stop sign.

“It’s a part of driving law in the state of Georgia, and I guess everywhere for that matter, that you have to treat an inoperative traffic signal as an all-way stop,” Roberts said. “That’s a three-way intersection, so you have to treat it as a three-way stop. You can’t just blow through there.”

Roberts expressed concerns about traffic signals going out with winter weather possible this weekend.

“When the power was out over the snow storm two weeks ago, a lot of traffic signals did not work for two or three days,” Roberts said. “So the intersections have to be treated as an all-way stop.”

Despite the fact that streets like Highway 92 are run by the state, Roberts advises any citizen who sees a malfunctioning traffic signal within the Douglasville city limits to report it to the city.

“It does affect travel and it affects commerce in the city,” Roberts said. “I don’t necessarily advocate calling 911 for it, but that is one means by which to report it.”

The Douglasville Maintenance & Sanitation office can be contacted at 770-920-3005 or

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